The Lather Effect
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With just a few days to go until a new family moves into her childhood home, 36-year-old Valinda (Connie Britton) is called in to prepare the house for its new owners. While she’s there, she decides to throw one last party—a giant ‘80s “Come As You Were” bash. Val calls in her old high school friends, who leave their spouses and kids behind and fly back home for a wild and crazy night of reliving their past.

But The Lather Effect isn’t about the party; it’s about the day after the party. As the old friends nurse their hangovers and try to clean up the post-party mess, their nostalgic conversations begin to dredge up old memories—and old hurts—and reveal old secrets. In the midst of their drinking games and arguments over the best song ever, these grown-up children of the ‘80s try to figure out how to let go of the past—and start living the present.

The Lather Effect is a humorous yet heartfelt look at the lives of the John Hughes generation—nearly two decades after high school. Now, in their mid-30s, they may have successful careers and families of their own, but most of them are still longing to relive the good old days. After all, back then, life was still new and exciting and full of firsts. Now, it’s just the same old thing. Back then, they were the Cool Kids and the Rebels and the Partiers and the Super Couples. Now, they’re supposed to be Responsible Adults.

With a lovable ensemble cast (including Tate Donovan and William Mapother, along with ‘80s teen movie vets Ione Skye and Eric Stoltz) playing a whole bunch of familiar characters, The Lather Effect is a fun, nostalgic film that will definitely hit home for Gen-X audiences. Somewhere in the ensemble, you’re sure to find characters who remind you of yourself—and your friends…and the people you went to high school with. Even though the ensemble style of storytelling means that you don’t get to know all of the characters (or their stories) really well, you’ll feel like you already know them. And while the story isn’t always perfect, the sentiment is. It’s often laugh-out-loud funny, but it’ll also tug at your heartstrings—and it might just teach you a lesson or two about enjoying the present instead of dreaming about the past.

To add to the fun, the film features a spectacular sing-along soundtrack that’s packed with old ‘80s favorites—from The English Beat and Violent Femmes to Twisted Sister and Night Ranger.

So even if you weren’t one of the Cool Kids or the Partiers back in high school, if you were a child of the ‘80s, you’ll enjoy The Lather Effect for its nostalgic look back—as well as its hopeful look ahead.

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