The Sheikh’s Proposal Review
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Callie Baxter hates anything to do with casinos. They destroy families, lives, and childhood innocence. Casinos destroyed her life, forcing her to grow up way too quickly in order to take care of her compulsive gambling father. Even after her father’s death, the gambling houses are still screwing up her life—because she inherited her father’s debt.

When Callie meets a good-looking man at a party, she’s mortified to learn that he’s Tariq al Sulamein, the Sheikh of Zuhair. For months, she’d been blasting his country—and him personally—in her newspaper column. Sheikh Tariq al Sulamein is planning to build a casino to bring in revenue from tourists—something Callie cannot forgive.

Tariq can’t for the life of him figure out what Callie has against him and his country. She doesn’t even know him, nor has she ever been to his country—so how can she judge either of them? In order to make her understand the kind of man he truly is, Tariq strong-arms her into coming back with him and seeing his country firsthand. If she doesn’t? He’ll sue her paper for slander and get Callie fired. It’s probably not the best way to win her over, but he’s desperate to make her see him as he truly is.

After reaching Zuhair, Callie finds a paradise unlike any other, and Sheikh Tariq becomes almost impossible to resist—not to mention hate. But can she ignore the fact that he’s indirectly responsible for her father’s death?

Ms. Beckenham’s romances remind me of the tamer Harlequins that I used to read as a teen in the early ‘80s. At the same time, though, her heroes aren’t the egotistical jerks that I remember from way back then—which is definitely a good thing. When I crave a sweet, romantic read, I know I can find that in a Jane Beckenham romance.

The Sheikh’s Proposal takes readers on an engaging voyage with just a hint of danger and passion added in to liven things up. The characters are as exotic as the locales, and you’re treated to an exceptional romance in a place that you can see vividly through Ms. Beckenham’s detailed descriptions.

Pick up a copy of The Sheikh’s Proposal and unwind in a hot bubble bath after a long, hard day on the job. It’s sure to help you leave your troubles behind.

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