The Mind of a Genius Review
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I never thought in a million years that I would run across a novel that I absolutely hated. I can usually find something good about every book Iíve read, but thatís not the case with The Mind of a Genius. I tried really hard to like this novel, but I just couldnít make myself do it. Iíll explain lateróafter I try to make some sense of the plot.

Freelance MI4 agent Jason Clay is hired to seduce the very lovely widow Laura Prince to find out what her husband, the famous scientist, Malcolm Prince, had been working on right before he died. It was a project that would change the world. Now every secret agent around the globe is sniffing around Laura, trying to get her into bed, hoping sheíll spill her husbandís secrets. And that seems to be the gist of this novel.

The Mind of a Genius has no meat to it. If it has any sort of plot, it gets lost in all of the descriptions of the characters and their surroundings. Every time a character arrives on the scene, Mr. Snowdon describes exactly what he or she is wearing. Then he goes on to tell you which song is playing in the background and what the characters are drinking and eating. This isnít something that happens just once or twice. Itís every single timeóand it drove me nuts in a very bad way. And the characters smile so much that I was surprised that their teeth didnít fall out.

I absolutely hated Jason Clay. Heís a puke-inducing womanizer who thinks heís Godís gift to women. If they arenít open to his advances, he gets slightly forceful with them, after which the women just swoon in his arms. How disgusting! I like confident heroes, not cocky men who are so full of themselves. Characters like this make a normal woman like me sick.

Also, Laura Prince has no substance to her character whatsoever. Sheís basically whatever Jason Clay wants her to be, and it isnít flattering. In fact, itís sickening. I had no respect for her character whatsoever.

To pile bad upon bad, the novel was written like a grocery list of things to doówith a lot of redundant, choppy, sloppy sentences. So, in short, The Mind of a Genius is an awful read. Donít waste your time or money on it.

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