Midnight Bites Review
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Midnight Bites: The Erotica Anthology, Volume 1 is a short, sixty-one page collection of seven gruesome and erotic vampire tales, which were written by various authors. Interspersed throughout the collection are some very cool black-and-white photographs and spectacular computer-generated art.

These stories aren’t for the squeamish, though—so consider yourself warned.

In “Snuff Film” by Anton Glascow, you’ll find out what happens in an embalming room—right down to the gory details. You’ll also see what happens when you double-cross a vampire. My poor stomach nearly rebelled on me when I read this tale.

“Love Bites” by Kody Boye reminds you to be careful who you bring home from a bar—unless, of course, you enjoy a supernatural date that might kill you before the morning light.

Constantine Whitford carries a deep, dark secret in Christy Poff’s “Danger Zone,” but someone else guesses what he is. Her price for keeping his secret? Why, love, of course. Constantine is such an interesting character that “Danger Zone” could easily be expanded to a great full-length novel.

In “The Feeders: Anomaly” by Spider, a powerful businesswoman tries to capture eternal youth without going through a vampire to achieve it. A certain kind of explicit sex is the driving force behind this short tale—and trust me, boys, it’ll make you wince.

Finally, Cinsearae Santiago leaves us with the heartbreaking letter of a vampire’s lost love in “A Winter’s Unrequited Love.” Lines like “Perhaps I am my own specter, waiting to leave this casing of flesh, to end this cold loneliness as I sit among these graves,” makes this story sad and poetic until the end.

Each of the seven short tales in this collection features explicit violence and sex. So if you can’t stomach brutal descriptions of mating and mutilation, don’t go here! Still, for self-published works, these tales are well-written and enticing, in a horrifying sort of way, which is why I recommend taking a peek at Midnight Bites. I’ll be sure to pick up future volumes when I’m in the mood for something a little harsher than the kind of stories that I normally read.

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