Sorceress Star Review
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The only thing the wizard Thraxis has ever wanted is to be left alone to live his life the way he sees fit. And he thought heʼd finally achieved that after fleeing to barbarian lands, away from the Black Council and its lust for power. For five years, he lived in peace with his warrior wife, Arrow, and their daughter, Joyful Dawn. But then someone from the past returns and shatters their lives once again.

Joyful Dawn is prophesied to become so powerful that her magic will reshape the world—but Melilandra, the leader of the Black Council, seeks that power for herself. On top of that, itʼs an added bonus that Thraxis and Arrow will die when she takes Joyful Dawn from them. In the meantime, she sweeps across the land, draining magic from those who possess it and absorbing it into herself through the use of the Forbidden Spell.

Arrow won’t allow her family to be torn asunder. Sheʼll do whatever it takes to keep her husband and daughter safe—even if it means joining forces with an old enemy who would jump at the chance to kill both Arrow and Thraxis. During the bitter cold of a dark winter night, Arrow faces a foe far more powerful than anyone sheʼs ever battled, and the outcome is uncertain.

This powerful and deep fantasy will grab your heart and soul and drag you into a pulse-pounding saga of magic and betrayal, hate and compassion—and, most of all, a love that knows no defeat.

Woven throughout Sorceress Star is a moral fiber so subtle that you wonʼt realize that youʼve gained valuable insight until the very last page, when youʼve had time to sit back and reflect on the story for a while. Oh, youʼll suspect thereʼs more to this story than just an entertaining fantasy, but it wonʼt intrude while youʼre enjoying the read.

Sorceress Star is the third and final saga in the Moon, Sun, and Star Trilogy, and once again I have to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters. If not for Ms. Corvidae, I doubt that I would have grown to appreciate and love fantasy novels as much as I do now. One can only hope that she has plans to tell Joyful Dawnʼs future stories.

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