The Bourne Sanction Review
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While the NSA (National Security Agency) and CI (Central Intelligence)—agencies that are supposed to be protecting the United States from terrorist threats—are backstabbing each other and playing power politics, a lone rogue agent is the only hope we have to stop another threat. That agent’s name is Jason Bourne.

Once a linguistics expert named David Webb—back before he lost his memory—Bourne tries to return to the quiet life of a professor. But when his mentor, Dominic Specter, asks him to check into the death of a former student who might have had something to do with the next possible terrorist threat against the United States, Bourne is a little reluctant, but he gets dragged into the mayhem anyway.

Bourne also gets sucked into hunting members of the Black Legion—an organization that existed during the time of the Third Reich. But no evidence supports that they survived the Nazi regime. With the help of Soraya Moore, an operative inside CI, Bourne must track down the plans to attack the United States while being chased by an enemy who’s just as brilliant and talented as Bourne is.

Meanwhile, the NSA wants to bring Bourne in and prosecute him—something the CI hasn’t been able to do. And this puts the new director of CI, Veronica Hart, right in the middle. Should she treat Bourne as a political tool to help her further her career, or should she trust him to help her keep the United States safe from terrorists—even though contact with him could destroy her career?

Bourne soon learns that everyone involved has an agenda of their own, and, once again, he doesn’t know who to trust. But he focuses his goal on stopping the threat to the United States. It’s what he does—and he’s damn good at it.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a more twisted plot. It flies in all directions, and it sent my poor mind spinning out of control, making me dizzy from everything that was going on. And I loved every second of it. However, there’s definitely a lot going on in The Bourne Sanction, so you might have a hard time keeping up. I know I got lost a time or two.

Mr. Lustbader throws in such a mixture of complications that I could do nothing but admire his skill. Very few writers can pull off such a complicated plot and make it all make sense when the dust has cleared, but Mr. Lustbader has done just that with The Bourne Sanction. He keeps the intense action and the internal conflict of each character on an even keel, making this a well-balanced and absorbing read.

Reading The Bourne Sanction is like boarding the tilt-a-whirl ride or a roller coaster at an amusement park. Once it gets started, you’ll wonder what in the heck you’ve gotten yourself into. But when the ride is over, you’ll be begging to get back on it. That’s the way a Jason Bourne novel makes me feel—and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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