The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3 Review
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After working late at the office, Christine Vargas heads home. Distracted by her thoughts and the rough day sheʼs had, sheʼs attacked by two vampires and left for dead in an alley. But Christine is different in more ways than one, and she survives the attack. Not quite sure what, exactly, happened, Christine lets her newfound power control her instead of the other way around. She doesnʼt crave blood, but she craves something she canʼt define, and she leaves a path of mayhem and death in her wake.

Ryan Price has waited a long time for his lady to come into his life, and as soon as Christine rises as a vampire, he requests that she meet with him—and he promises to explain what’s happening to her. Christine reluctantly agrees, but when she meets Ryan, she canʼt explain the sudden rush of feelings she has for him.

Christine is brought into a clan made up of Primitives (vampires that need blood to survive) and Sophisticates (vampires who feed on energy rather than blood). Since Christine rose as a complete Sophisticate, Ryan needs her help to make him a full Sophisticate. Together, with the power of Abraxas flowing through them, they will do great things. But there are those who want to destroy Ryan and anyone who joins forces with him. Eventually, they tear Ryan and Christine apart—and if they arenʼt reunited, all will be lost.

The Abraxas Series is a collection of ongoing novellas with a newish twist on the vampire legends. Each book builds in intensity until the story explodes off the page and makes you eager for more. The third book in the series is by far the best of the three—with more action, more character depth, and plot twists.

Throughout these first three novellas, romance is mingled with suspense and creepy situations, making this a gripping read. Ms. Santiagoʼs characters are well drawn, each possessing a striking individuality that sets them apart from each other. However, Christine sometimes comes off as too emotional, and she tends to overreact and jump to conclusions. That sometimes makes her hard to like, but at least sheʼs always true to her character. I would have liked for Ryan to be a little more aggressive—especially when it comes to defending himself or Christine. But heʼs more of a beta male than an alpha male—and that’s just not my favorite type of hero.

Sinister and attention-grabbing, The Abraxas Series will definitely keep you entertained. Once you read it, Iʼm sure youʼll be as eager as I am to pick up the fourth novella in the series.

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