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Bravo TV continues to rule Wednesday nights as Shear Genius and Project Runway keep the catfights coming.

Ordered to, “Go shake it!” by celebrity stylist Rene Fris, contestants on SHEAR GENIUS had thirty minutes in the short-cut challenge to make over their clients—first grade students who wanted a new look for back-to-school. Daniel transformed his little diva into a mini version of show host Jaclyn Smith, winning him an advantage in the elimination round.

During the “mane event,” each stylist was surprised by a family member in the salon. The catch: stylists couldn’t work on their own family member. It was up to Daniel to decide who would style whom.

Not one contestant thought their loved one looked better after the challenge. Dee said that Nicole cut her mother’s hair too short. Daniel told Charlie that he should have used more “poof” to cover his mom’s ears. Nicole thought that Daniel should have upped the blonde on her mom’s ‘do. And Paulo didn’t like the shade of red that Dee used. The topper: when asked if he thought that the cut Paulo did on Charlie’s sister’s hair was a good cut, Charlie deadpanned, “No,” and left it at that.

The judges didn’t have as much trouble deciding who styled their way to the top this week. Charlie’s new interpretation of Daniel’s mom’s very southern hair was a makeover worth applauding. The show ended in a group hug, wishing a warm goodbye to Paulo, whose chop to Charlie’s sister was an obvious disaster. Tears broke out as they had to say farewell to another competitor, making them forget why they all hated each other just a moment before. Luckily, they have another challenge next week to remind them.

Dressed in the shortest mini-skirt in America, PROJECT RUNWAY host Heidi Klum announced that the challenge of the week would be to design for a high-powered and glamorous professional woman, Wendy Healy, the character played by Brooke Shields on her hit show, Lipstick Jungle.

Last week’s youthful winner Korto was teamed up with 41-year-old Joe. All was fun and smiles until Tim Gunn gave his opinion of the outfit they produced: “It looks like a giant sweet potato.” Joe decided that was the perfect moment to tell Korto that he didn’t like the look, either, causing some great back-room fighting.

The team of Terri and Suede was doomed from the beginning, as well. Team leader Terri hated everything Suede did so much that he nearly pulled out his blue fauxhawk. They did manage to pull off a beautiful outfit, but they’ll most likely be avoiding each other in the workroom for a while.

Uber-tanned Blayne and quiet Leanne worked well together behind the scenes but produced an outfit that didn’t impress. It wasn’t relevant to Lipstick Jungle, and it made the judges wonder if team leader Blayne had heard the instructions. Brook Shields even referred to Blayne in the judging session as “bratty.” Ouch!

When Kelli, the tattooed blonde, and self-proclaimed “high end” guy, Daniel, sent out a teal and animal print suit, Michael Kors declared it, “slutty, slutty, slutty.” Team leader Kelli was the one to go this week, leaving us with this parting comment: “I guess it was too hoochie mama.” Yes, Kelli, it was way too hoochie mama.

The top props this week went to the team of Jerell and Stella, who sent a stunning mocha satin and leather dress down the runway—as well as the team of Keith and Kenley, with their flowing tiered skirt and chiffon blouse. The big winner was team leader and gay Utah Mormon Keith; his design was heralded by the judges as “classy, inspired, and sophisticated.”

Tune in next week to see why Tim Gunn utters, “It looks like a pterodactyl at a gay Jurassic Park.” Oh yes…it’s time for the Drag Queen Challenge!

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