Some Like It Hot: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
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The “girls” from Some Like It Hot are back! Josephine and Daphne, those glitzy babes who captured the hearts of millionaires and bellboys alike, share the secrets of their success for the first time ever! Whether they’re sipping martinis in Chicago or dancing ‘til dawn in Miami, Josey and Daph are anything but a drag.

I joined them for drinks at a quaint little bistro on Clark Street. They were more than happy to get down and dirty for our readers at

N&W: How does it feel to be hailed as icons of style for the American woman?

Josephine: Icons of style? Us?

Daphne: We had no idea. However, we can certainly understand the trials and tribulations of the modern woman.

Josephine: So true. These heels are murder.

N&W: Speaking of murder, I heard you were pursued by some pretty shady characters.

Daphne: I don’t want to name names, but it was Spats Colombo and his mob. You see, we inadvertently witnessed a gang shooting right here in Chicago. It was terrifying, my dear. Absolutely terrifying! And on Valentine’s Day, too!

Josephine: We barely escaped with our lives. Fortunately, there were two openings for musicians with Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopaters. They needed a sax and a bass. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Daphne: The band was traveling by train to Miami that very evening.

N&W: What was it like playing with the Society Syncopaters?

Josephine: Sweet Sue was a harsh task master, but Daphne and I blossomed under her direction and intense scrutiny.

Daphne: Absolutely blossomed! In fact, it was while we were with Sweet Sue’s band that we discovered what it really means to be a woman.

N&W: You both have led such adventurous lives, and your distinctive fashions set trends wherever you go. But what about romance?

Daphne: Romance? Our middle names are “Romance.”

Josephine: I’m sure you’ve read the society pages, my dear. Daphne’s engaged. The wedding is in June.

N&W: Yes. Osgood Fielding III. How did you meet?

Daphne: It was in Miami. He said he admired a girl with a shapely ankle. Isn’t that sweet? Of course, the fact that he was a millionaire didn’t hurt, either.

N&W: And what about you, Josephine? Is there someone special in your life?

Josephine: Yes, but I’d rather not talk about it. I’d like to keep that relationship in the closet for now, if you don’t mind.

N&W: Of course. So what are your plans for the future?

Daphne: Josephine and I are creating a new line of ladies’ lingerie. Believe me when I say that we understand the importance of functional, yet fashionable, under garments.

Josephine: In fact, this very afternoon we’re meeting with some investors: Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, Nathan Lane, Tyler Perry, and John Travolta.

N&W: Very impressive. I wish you all the best. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat.

Daphne: Our pleasure!

Josephine: May you and your readers always end up with the sweet end of the lollypop. Ciao!

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