Pleasure Unbound Review
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All around us are gateways to hell. We can’t see them, but demons can, and they use them to pass back and forth between the human world and their own. However, not all demons are out to destroy humanity. Tayla Mancuso doesn’t know this—nor would she believe it if she did—because one killed her mother, and she’s been out for revenge ever since.

Tayla is a slayer for an organization called The Aegis. Since The Aegis gives her that opportunity, her only goal in life is to take out as many demons as she possibly can. That is, until she lands in a demon hospital created by a Seminus Demon—a demon meant for breeding purposes—named Eidolon. Unable to resist him, she falls deeper into his realm, and the line between good and evil becomes blurred.

When Tayla is rolled into his hospital, Eidolon’s first instinct is to kill the beautiful slayer who had the misfortune of ending up on his examination table—but he’s drawn to her in a way he doesn’t understand. After all, she could kill him in an instant and walk away without regret. Instead, though, he lets her go, telling himself it’s so he can watch her and learn what The Aegis is up to. What he learns is that The Aegis may not be as good as Tayla seems to think. He also learns that keeping his hands off the delectable slayer is impossible, no matter how forbidden she is—because demons and humans aren’t supposed to mate.

The hottest thing going these days, it seems, are demon romances. In Pleasure Unbound, our hero, Eidolon, is a shade over the demonic line, which makes it hard to like him, though not impossible. He does save lives—even if it’s mostly demon lives—and he isn’t out to rid the world of humans or even to cause them a lot of anguish. He shows compassion and genuinely seems to care about those who work with him.

Tayla Mancuso is a rough—as in streetwise—character, and she brings laughter to the plot with her sarcastic way of looking at the things going on around her. She’s tough and smart and open-minded enough to consider the idea that not all demons deserve to die. I also liked her because she’s strong without being too much of a bitch about it.

Pleasure Unbound sizzles with romance and suspense. Tayla and Eidolon explode off the page during sex scenes, leaving the reader with no doubt that these two belong together—even if Eidolon is a demon. With its fast pace and fiery atmosphere, it’s worth your reading time. Just try not to think too much about the implausibility of demons knowing how to love, and you’ll enjoy this fiery romance.

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