Demon Apocalypse (The Demonata #6) Review
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Book five in Darren Shanís Demonata series left Grubbs Grady in the aftermath of a brutal betrayal, facing a master demon with no hope of coming out of it alive. Now, in book six, Grubbs finds himself trapped in a plane with Lord Loss with no way outóbut he doesnít plan on going down without one heck of a fight. When heís rescued unexpectedly, Grubbs finds that he has more power than he realizedóand he doesnít know (or care) what to do with it. Since heís struggled to leave that part of his life behind, he might just be too afraid to use his magic.

A bum named Beranabus brings Grubbs to his home deep in a cave in the desert. His plan is to teach Grubbs how to use his magic to fight the demons. The only problem is that Grubbs is acting like a bit of a coward, and Beranabus has limited time to bring him out of it. A crack between Hell and Earth has been left opened, and armies of demons are prowling the land, looking for anything or anyone to destroyóincluding Grubbsís family and friends. Grubbs simply must face his fears and accept his fate or humanity will be destroyed.

When you begin reading Demon Apocalypse you might feel as if youíve been dropped into the middle of an ongoing storyóbecause thatís exactly whatís happened here. Donít expect this one to make sense unless youíve at least read Blood Beast, book five in the Demonata series. I, however, recommend that you read the entire series to get the full impact of whatís going on.

Youíll breeze through Demon Apocalypse, and, when you finish, youíll let out the loud gush of air that youíd been holding in the entire time you were reading. There isnít a dull or slow moment from start to finish, and youíll read this fast-paced young adult novel in one sitting. No problem there, since itís a short read thatís extremely hard to put down.

With a frenetic plot, horrendous battles, and evil crawling everywhere, Demon Apocalypse is a gritty and edgy read thatís sure to keep you up long after midnight. And though it doesnít end on a major cliffhanger like book five did, I still look forward to book seven in the series. And Iíd bet my bottom dollar you will, too.

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