The Werewolf Whisperer Review
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The small town of Eclipse lies somewhere deep in the California desert. Not many people live there, and few have even heard of it. Strangeness permeates the place, and sometimes people go there and disappear—or never leave.

Serena O’Toole is on the verge of landing a major television spot for her dog show, Woof. She knows how to train even the most difficult of dogs, but the owners are a different matter all together—especially spoiled starlets. After a nasty incident involving a celebrity, Serena finds herself on the verge of losing her job. Then she gets a call from the sheriff of Eclipse. Her brother, best-selling horror author Michael O’Toole, has disappeared. With her career in shambles and her love life a joke, she sets out for Eclipse and falls right into danger—and the arms of the sheriff.

Sheriff Jackson Hardy didn’t want to call Serena in to help find her brother, but he didn’t have a choice. If Michael was turned into one of them—a werewolf—he can’t risk having Michael find his way out of Eclipse and spread the infection. Sheriff Hardy will just have to make sure he protects Serena, especially from the alpha male of the pack who’s been getting out of control lately. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on wanting to make Serena his mate, which the government has clearly forbidden. Not even for love.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well The Werewolf Whisper was written—something that’s not easy to find in the erotic genre. If a novel is going to have overtly sexual situations, I prefer it to have a decent plot and likable characters also—and this one does. Serena is a go-getter who doesn’t allow anyone to push her around. And Sheriff Jackson Hardy manages to exude tough, bad-boy maleness, even though he’s under the obedience of the alpha male.

The Werewolf Whisperer is the perfect combination of sex and plot. One doesn’t overshadow the other, making this an enjoyable erotic read. Ms. Scott brings her readers danger, intrigue, and lots of sensuality, blended with explicit sex. If that’s what you crave—along with a well-thought-out plot—then you’ll find that Ericka Scott is one of the best go-to authors in the erotic romance genre.

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