Mysterious Time-Traveling Phone Call Baffles Woman
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FARRAGUT, TN Janice Quinn was stunned yesterday afternoon when she received a mysterious phone call from the past. The call, which she received at approximately 4:23 p.m., has Quinn and her family completely baffled.

Quinn’s mother, Sue, answered the phone. The voice on the other end was that of a bubbly, friendly-sounding female, who asked, “Like, is Janice there?”

She then passed the phone on to her daughter. The voice on the other line said, “Janice? Like, this is the ‘80s calling? And we want our clothes back.”

Quinn barely had time to say “Huh?” before there was a click on the other end.

Quinn wonders what this mysterious phone call could possibly mean. First of all, how is this possible? How could this woman call from the ‘80s? And, second, what would the ‘80s possibly want with her clothes?

“And, like, what about these clothes? My clothes are, like, totally timeless!” says Quinn. She looks down at her stonewashed, drop-yoke jeans, which are neatly and tightly rolled at the bottom. She studies her fluorescent pink T-shirt. “I mean, like, sure, I got them a while ago, but stuff like this, like, never goes out of style!”

Quinn shakes her head, causing her rock-solid spiral-permed blonde hair to quake slightly. “Like, who is this person from the ‘80s?” she asks, “And, like, why did she hang up?”

Anyone able to explain this phone call—and exactly what it means—to Quinn should call her toll-free hotline at 800-80S-CALL. She also wants to mention that her friend from the ‘80s can use this number and save what must be terrible long-distance charges.

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