Insatiable Desire Review
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Haunted by her mother’s suicide and the fear that she’ll follow in her mother’s footsteps, Clarissa King battles psychic visions of women who are brutally murdered by what they fear most. The victims reach out to her as ghosts, imploring her to find their killer so they can move on. Forced to work with a sexy but dangerous FBI agent, Clarissa begins to want him more than she ever imagined, even as he pushes her away time and time again. She should fear his dark side, but she doesn’t—which could be her downfall.

FBI Agent Vincent Valtrez has a past of his own that haunts him—as well as a secret that could destroy him. He fights the demon half of himself on a daily basis, and he won’t allow himself to get close to anyone because of it. Plus, he has the uncanny ability to get inside a serial killer’s mind—but it comes with a steep price. When he’s told to work with Clarissa, he wants nothing to do with her or her psychic abilities. But she might just be the woman who can save them both from an otherworldly killer with a connection to Vincent.

Deep, dark, and tragic, Insatiable Desire will pull you in from the first page with its emotional impact and a truly evil and demonic antagonist. Though Vincent is half demon, he fights to stay away from the dark side of his being—making him a tragic yet satisfying hero—and you’ll want to see him come out on top. Clarissa, meanwhile, is fragile yet strong in dealing with her abilities, which are truly horrifying. You’ll admire her strength of character and the determination she gives to whatever she wants.

Out of all the demon romances I’ve read recently, Insatiable Desire is the most plausible and the most enjoyable—because the demon side stays evil while our hero fights to be free of it. Ms. Herron writes a spooky and formidable romance—few do it better. I recommend reading it—and I’ll definitely pick up future works from this gifted author.

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