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As in her previous collection, From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors, editor Marilyn Peake once again brings readers a wonderful collection of helpful articles pulled from The Golden Goblet Newsletter—along with a few extra articles written especially for this book. Below is just a sample of what to expect.

Find out why you should try to visit and research the places in your novels in “Where the Spanish are German, the English are Scottish, and the Sheep Wear Cowbells” by Geoff Nelder. Not only will the article make you chuckle a time or two, but you’ll also be surprised by what you can learn. Plus, there’s a hilarious scene involving a librarian and a pinus tree (yes, it’s pronounced the way you think). I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

In “Finding the Moment,” Rachel DeFriez makes you realize how everyday interruptions—such as kids—can enrich your writing. Learn how to love the interruptions and how to incorporate them into your story.

Meet the real life inspiration for the popular TV show Medium, starring Patricia Arquette, in the “Allison Dubois Interview” by Sue Thurman.

Lincoln D. Bandlow explains Defamation Law and why authors need to be careful when writing about public figures or old high school flames in “Writing Wrongs Lesson One: Defamation Law.”

In “Putting on Your Editor’s Cap,” Sara Reinke offers some useful tips on editing your manuscript once it’s finished.

In “What is Video Book Trailer and What Can it do for You?” K.L. Nappier tells us what book trailers are, the different kinds, and how they can promote your book.

And “Failed Assassination” by J. Richard Jacobs is a hilarious look at what happens if our language becomes neutered—as in no more “he” or “she”…just “it”s.

Inside Scoop is chock-full of useful, entertaining articles about the creative business, whether it’s writing, acting, or art. This book should be on every author’s how-to bookshelf. Not only will you get valuable tips to make it in the business, but you’ll also be inspired to forge forward and keep at it until you succeed. Give it a try—I promise you’ll be inspired and informed.

Ed. Note: For more on Inside Scoop, visit Double Dragon Publishing.

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