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Charlotte is on a mission to be popular when school starts in the fall. Sheʼs been preparing all summer long, and, by golly, she plans on getting noticed. And to make it all perfect, sheʼs determined to get Damen Dylan, the hottest guy at Hawthorne High, to ask her to the Fall Ball—that is until she chokes on a gummy bear and dies at the door to her physics class. Not a good way to start the school year. And, whatʼs worse, no one even misses her.

Instead of Heaven, Charlotte finds herself caught somewhere in between with a bunch of other ghost kids. Apparently, all of these kids—including Charlotte—have issues to resolve before they can move on. Great! Life sucks, then you die—and then it sucks again. Charlotte so doesnʼt want to be stuck with these kooky kids forever.

But death wonʼt stop Charlotte; she still plans on going to the Fall Ball with Dylan. So she befriends Scarlet Kensington, an outcast Goth girl who can see her. All Scarlet wants is to be invisible—which works for Charlotte, since she can possess Scarletʼs body while Scarletʼs soul floats free and invisible. Seems like a good idea, but what follows is a series of hysterical foul-ups. Will Charlotte see the light and accept who she is before she ruins everything—not only for herself, but everyone around her?

Ghostgirl is a cute and funny teen novel about a ghost girl who’s bent on being popular from beyond the grave. Itʼs peppered with unusual ghost characters—such as Piccolo Pam, who accidentally impaled herself on her piccolo at a band parade, and a host of other teens who died unexpectedly in bizarre ways.

With its creepy manor, where all of the dead kids are housed, ghostgirl is a bit spooky, but it’s also humorous. And though itʼs not necessarily in Charlotteʼs best interest, youʼll still root for her mission. I mean, after all, she’s trying so hard to get noticed.

The next time you want to kick back and forget about everyday life for a while, pick up a copy of ghostgirl. This charming young adult novel will keep you grinning with its quirky characters and its light-hearted plot. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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