Love Vampire Style Review
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Since his older brother fell in love with a human—and since vampires are forbidden to procreate with mortals—Valerius Andriescu has just been handed the responsibility of settling down and continuing the vampire family bloodline. Unfortunately, he’s not ready to get married, not even after over 300 years of sowing his wild oats.

Secretly, though, Valerius has grown tired of going from one woman to the next and having careless, shallow sex. Still, he’d never admit this to his older brother—because he hates being ordered to do something. Marriage isn’t something that should be rushed, but he’s being pressured to get it done quickly.

Feeling cheated, he decides to transport back to his old home in Carpathius, not knowing if he can even transport that far from New Orleans but needing to go home for no other reason than he’s feeling childish. There, he meets an intriguing young woman named Aneke Abruia. They spend many hours in the debilitated castle, and Valerius finds himself falling in love with her. But that’s not good—because she’s a human. Now what’s he supposed to do, especially when his brother orders him not to see Aneke again?

Love Vampire Style is a short, enjoyable read, which you can finish within an hour—great for a lunch break when you have no errands to run.

Valerius is such a warm and real character that you’ll find yourself liking him in spite of his rebellious streak. Ms. Sweeney does a wonderful job of developing Valerius within the short confines of the story, making him an engaging character with a great sense of humor.

I’m always looking for intriguing settings in the books I read—and who can resist the ruins of an old castle? I certainly can’t. A place like that begs to be explored, and it also brings atmosphere to the plot. Love Vampire Style has all of that and more.

Ms. Sweeney also throws in a mild twist near the end, which will leave you with an astonished grin.

Though Love Vampire Style is just a small bite of a story, it’s a good bite, and, with a great main character and a savory love story, it’s well worth your time to read.

I’ve always enjoyed anything written by Ms. Sweeney—and Love Vampire Style is no exception. I look forward to reading anything she writes in the future.

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