Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Crankiest Girl of All?
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Two beautiful women headlined the reality TV hullabaloo this Wednesday on Top Design and Project Runway. Shazia, the feisty Pakistani decorator, griped and screeched her way through her challenge, while retro fashionista Kenley snapped and whined. Let’s take a look at the action more closely to decide who wins the Ultimate Diva award this week.

Shazia, nicknamed “Bad Luck Mary” by fellow designer, Nathan, wasn’t a welcome member of the Top Design team for the Bachelor Pad challenge. Shazia complained about designing for “disgusting and gross” single men, citing her own fiancé as an example. Her mood grew even darker when she felt she wasn’t taken seriously, so Shazia assaulted her teammates with colorful names as she dreamed up difficult, time-consuming tasks for their carpenter. It earned her another nickname by the final judging: “Needy Von Neederson.”

Kenley, best known for her ‘40s-inspired designs, was horrified to learn that she had to create a hip-hop outfit on Project Runway this week. As the least “gangsta” designer on the show, Kenley went retro instead and stitched up an outfit with floral prints (of course). The biggest upset the remarkable fit that Kenley threw during her mentoring time with Tim Gunn. She shocked the sewing room with her bad attitude and even ruffled the normally unflappable show mentor. “What does Tim know about hip-hop anyway?” she snapped.

Of course, Kenley had a point. Tim Gunn looks about as hip-hop as President Bush, but it ain’t cool to diss the grey god of fashion. To everyone’s surprise, Kenley still had enough chutzpah left in her to argue with guest judge LL Cool J on the runway, earning her glares and pursed lips from the rest of the panel.

Although it was a near draw, Project Runway’s cantankerous Kenley wins the Ultimate Diva crown this week for her unapologetic attitude. She’s right, and she knows it. Period.

In a shocking moment of television, Kenley was spared the axe this week, while interior designer Shazia wasn’t so lucky. “Shazia, we cannot live with your design,” announced India Hicks in her clipped European accent. I bet that felt good.

Suede was the other contestant to leave our Wednesday night lineup with his missed attempt at showcasing rock ‘n’ roll in an outfit he designed for Jerell. Although the leather vest was cool, it looked like it was from Jerell’s own closet.

The other musical fashions: Jerell styled Kenley as a brunette Brittany Spears to represent pop music, and Leanne created a boot-scooting country outfit for Korto, who won the top spot this week with her punk rock look for Suede. At least our favorite faux-hawked designer went home looking great!

Other awards this week go to:

BEST HISSY FIT: On this week’s Top Design, Martha Stewart Living style editor Eddie haggled with an angry shop owner over a broken vase, citing that it shouldn’t cost much since it was “totally ugly.” The offended store owner nearly threw Eddie out on the street. “I am a professional!” yelled Eddie, while the other designers shook their heads and cringed.

BIGGEST BUILDUP: While Shaz wasn’t thrilled with the choice of clients, fellow Top Design competitor Nathan had a much different attitude. “I’m thinking he’s a single man,” said Nathan. “I’m thrilled about that. Maybe he’s hot and I can flirt with him.” Eyebrow, eyebrow. When the handsome client appeared in a fabulous suit and well-pressed everything, Nathan was intrigued. Until he saw the man’s apartment, that is. It was even worse than Shazia predicted. “Gross,” he said shaking his head as the dreams of his future with this man evaporated. Oh well, you can’t have everything!

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