The Devouring Review
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When dark creeps in and eats the light, bury your fears on Sorry Night. For in the winter’s blackest hours comes the feasting of the Vours.

On the eve of winter solstice, demonic beings inhabit human bodies— usually those who are too weak to face their fears—and take over. From that point on, the person ceases to exist, and, in their place, something twisted and evil dwells. These demons are called Vours because they devour your fears, and you’re suddenly afraid of nothing. Not a bad arrangement if you care nothing about your humanity.

Reggie finds an old journal among a box of books delivered to the bookstore where she works. She borrows it without permission and reads the insane ramblings of a young woman who believes that her brother has been possessed by a Vour. Thinking it’s just the imagination of a lunatic, Reggie enjoys the spooky read. Then her little brother, Henry, starts acting strangely, as if the uglier, evil part of himself has overshadowed the good side.

Determined to save her brother, Reggie is plunged into a nightmare more gruesome than a Stephen King novel, and she must face her fears, along with her brother’s, in order to get him out alive. Both Reggie and Henry are haunted by their mother’s choice to leave them, and they struggle with the possibility she may never come home. This may very well be the ultimate fear that defeats them.

It’s so wonderful to read a supernatural book that’s so delightful and uncanny. I’m beginning to enjoy young adult novels more than most novels meant for grown-ups, and Mr. Holt brings readers an imaginative and downright spooky read with The Devouring. I never thought a group of children caroling on Christmas Eve could be so creepy—that is until they’re heard singing at one o’clock on a dark, cold morning.

Reggie makes a great heroine when she pushes herself to the limit to save her little brother. Her character both touched and awed me. On the same note, Reggie’s friend, Aaron, proves to be a true friend who follows her every step of the way, facing his own fears to help her, while almost losing his life in the process.

If you long for frightful thrills—and you love them as much as I do—read The Devouring late at night, while you’re all alone in the house. I guarantee you’ll be jumping at shadows, but you’ll be powerless to put this deeply beguiling and bone-chilling read aside.

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