E-Author Spotlight: Gwynn Morgan
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Gwynn Morgan is one of the few romantic suspense ebook authors Iíve had the pleasure of reading. Though her romantic suspense contains hot sex scenes, Ms. Morgan brings readers a refreshing change from just straight erotica. She also throws in danger, mystery, and a meticulous plot to keep you guessing.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, and later moving to Arizona with her parents at the age of three, Gwynn Morgan spent most of her childhood alone. Since her parents lived in rural areas, even running a Forest Service Fire lookout one summer, not many people surrounded her. So she made up her own games and stories to go along with them. She amused herself with make-believe things, and her creative outlets extended to making paper dolls and other crafts.

When Ms. Morgan isnít writing, she makes jewelry by cutting and shaping unique stones and building a silver setting to set it off. Though she doesnít imitate Native American styles of the Southwest, she draws inspiration from those traditional patterns.

She describes herself as an inveterate and unredeemable pack rat, collecting almost anything with wolves and hummingbirds on it. She collects mostly bead earrings sheís made and rebuilds odd jewelry she picks up from thrift shops, and she cannot pass up fabric stores or places that sell beads.

Personal freedom and responsibility are very important to her, and she believes that rights must be earned by being responsibleóand rights given to children and animals must be respected and never violated.

On Writing in Ms. Morganís Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

I have made up stories since I was very small, and Iíve written them since I could print letters and spell a few words. My father wrote and my mother wrote poetry some, so I grew up thinking it was a normal thing to do. I was an avid reader from about age five, and I loved stories and books so much that I knew early on that I wanted to create them, too. A couple of my English teachers in school and some favorite authors were the final influences in this, but I took a long time to get to be a professional and serious writer and find which genre I was best working in. I still do not really specialize.

Why did you begin writing?

I was almost driven or compelled to. I wrote a few verses when I was eight, and then I started rewriting things I read to suit my own visions of what should have happened. I have steno notebooks full of western romances I wrote in my early teens. Some are not too awful, even. I was always writing in every spare moment when in school and later while working for the Army and Air Force in various jobs.

Which author inspires you?

I suppose my all-time favorite author is Anya Seton. I read all of her novels, but I was most inspired by Katherine. I was very much into medieval history as a young teen, and I read the condensed version of this novel in a magazine (I think Ladies Home Journal, but I could be wrong) and then the whole novel a bit later. I also enjoyed Zane Grey (always loved cowboys) and a number of others. I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, and I really love the work of Anne McCaffery, C.J. Cherryh, and the late Marion Zimmer Bradley. I wanted to mix more romance with their stories, though. So itís really great that mixed genre and paranormal romance is such a big thing now. I am edging that way in my writing, although the idea intimidated me at first.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Meeting and communicating with readers who are clearly enjoying what you have written and are very interested in you and your work. When I hear from a reader about how she or he enjoyed or was maybe inspired or supported by one of my works, it just puts me up there on cloud nine. I would write even if no one ever read it, but to be able to reach out and share a vision with others is such an awesome gift and blessing.

Have you experienced writerís block? If so, how did you cure it?

After my husband died, I had trouble getting back to writing. He was my first critic and my tech advisor on military and law enforcement topics, which I write a lot. He was also a writer himself, and we were working on a few projects together. I began to write some mild erotica as a way to get started againóa new venture for meóand that has taken over, along with the new pen name I came up with for that genre. Iíve had more of that published in the last four years than other fiction, although I have had four novels published since his death, one that we started co-writing, that I was finally able to finish, January Gets her Gunn, which came out from Awe-Struck early this year. Deidre OíDare, my ďhottieĒ persona, has about twenty stories and novellas at Amber Quill in their Amber Heat and Amber Allure lines, and my third print anthology collection was just released there this month, Daring Departures. My first anthology of m/m erotica, Daring Desires, will be released in November.

When is your next book due out, and whatís it about?

Iím struggling to complete the third of my planned trilogy, Copper Stars of Cochise, about law enforcement people in my former home county in Arizona. I had nearly finished the second one when my husband died, and I havenít been able to get the third one, tentatively titled Jessieís Legacy completed. It will be done eventually, thoughóI promise those who have read Pennyís Luck and Mollieís McGuire. I am also redoing Healing Hearts which was initially published by Treble Heart Books and will get it republished as a steamier story probably in 2009. Iím also working on a spin-off from Deal for Love (Hardshell Word Factory), featuring the hero of that storyís Native American attorney friend, Jason Hunter, as the hero, along with an investigative reporter heroine. No working title there yet, but Hunter will likely be part of it.

I had a big book of poetry, Walking Down My Shadows, published in two parts in 2007 and 2008 by Eternal Press. I plan to enter them in the Eppies, and I may follow up with another poetry collection, this one mostly on paranormal themes, in the fairly near future. I am compiling it now.

And Deirdre OíDare will continue to write erotic and romantic adventures from 10 to 30,000 words in length for Amber Quill, since they have done very well and I really enjoy this now. I want to finish my Canine Cupids series, tales of two guys and one or more dogs who play Cupid for them. Four are out now, and I plan two more to be printed in an anthology, maybe in 2009.

I donít ever plan to stop writing, although I am taking a brief sabbatical, since I just moved from Arizona to New Mexico, and Iíve had a lot of things to do relative to this, so Iíve had to set writing aside for a few weeks while I relocated and then got settled again. Iím about ready to gear up the story machine once more!

Ms. Morgan certainly has a lot in the works, and I hope to see them in publication soon. In the meantime, you can visit Gwynn Morgan at GwynnMorgan.com to learn more about this noteworthy ebook author.

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