Trick to Treat
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Pages: 26
Goes Well With: McDonald’s Value Meal #2, a Diet Coke, and a handful of Halloween candy for dessert

On Halloween night, Sarah Bradley thinks she’s in for a real treat. After years of trying to make her way into the in crowd, she’s finally succeeded—and the three most popular girls in school have invited her to join them on their annual Halloween scavenger hunt.

The girls are competing against some football players to be the first team to collect six different items before meeting back at the school’s Halloween party at midnight. And Sarah’s thrilled to be a part of it—until the girls give her the first task: retrieving a piece of wood from inside an old, abandoned (and maybe even haunted) house.

Once Sarah’s inside the creepy old house, things get even worse—after she discovers that she’s stuck there. But then Matt Tyler shows up and helps her out, and Sarah decides that her Halloween adventure might not be a total disaster after all.

Kimberlee R. Mendoza’s Trick to Treat is a sweet and totally innocent teen romance that makes a great Halloween lunch break (or after school) read. The story is cute and romantic—and sometimes even a little bit spooky—and, best of all, it features a likeable main character that just about any reader will be able to relate to.

Sarah is a good kid who just wants to be accepted—and if that means she’ll have to do something that scares her a bit, so be it. She’s so determined—and she’s pretty smart, too—that you’ll like her almost instantly.

The story, too, will pull you in right away—though it isn’t without a nagging flaw or two. For example, I don’t know what it’s like in the neighborhood where Ms. Mendoza lives, but, in my neighborhood, the little kids (and even the big ones) stop trick-or-treating long before midnight. And while that may not be a major detail, it was distracting enough to pull me out of the story for a second or two.

Still, picky details aside, Medoza does a good job of telling an adorable story about innocent teen romance. The story may be super-short, but there’s nothing missing here. The main character is lovable, and the story even has a surprise or two. As a result, Trick to Treat is about as short, sweet, and satisfying as a Halloween-sized candy bar.

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