The Lure of the Witch (Hawkman #11) Review
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Greg Willis calls Hawkman’s office desperate for help. His teenaged daughter, Sarah, has disappeared. Convinced that the police are dragging their feet—and not a single clue has been uncovered—Greg believes that a private investigator is his last hope to find her. That is unless she’s dead.

The police feel that Sarah’s a runaway, and she’s probably with a boyfriend or staying at a friend’s house until she gets over her mad spell. But Hawkman likes to reserve his opinion until he knows more. Why would a teenager, who lives in a nice house in a decent neighborhood and seems to love her father, just up and run away? When his wife, Jennifer, points out that teenagers don’t think in those terms, Hawkman realizes his wife could bring a different, valuable perspective to the case. He reluctantly lets her join him in the search for the missing teen, but he warns her to back off if she encounters any danger.

As they search for clues, what they find disturbs them, for it appears that Sarah might have been involved with witchcraft. Could she have joined a cult, or did she end up in the middle of something she had no business toying with? What are her friends not telling Hawkman? And if she’s still alive, where is she?

In The Lure of the Witch, private investigator Tom “Hawkman” Casey returns to solve his 11th crime in the series. As he races to put the pieces together—and hopefully find Sarah Willis alive—it turns out to be one of his toughest cases yet.

Ms. La Pierre touches on the fascinating but chilling world of witchcraft, bringing a bit of spookiness to this mystery. Throughout The Lure of the Witch, danger pulses below the surface, waiting for the perfect moment to explode onto the pages—and Ms. La Pierre presents it in a shocking turn of events.

Aside from some overuse of the characters’ bodily motions, such as pointing fingers and throwing arms and hands in the air—which can get a bit distracting at times—The Lure of the Witch is a fine read from start to finish. You’ll get caught up in the investigation and find yourself trying to figure things out along with Hawkman and Jennifer.

I simply love Ms. La Pierre’s mysteries because her ebooks are good, clean reading material in an industry that’s often flooded with smut masquerading as erotic romance. And though I like a true and good erotic romance, I reach for a mystery such as The Lure of the Witch when I crave something different.

Betty Sullivan La Pierre always delivers with her Hawkman Series. But don’t just take my word for it; pick up a copy of The Lure of the Witch, and see what you’ve been missing.

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