Sew Long, Project Runway!
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I’m glad to be back from my vacation to rural Idaho. I missed my dog, my big comfy bed, and, most importantly, my giant flat screen TV. I’ll sum up last week’s episodes quickly and get to the good stuff!

Vacation recap: After a few months of work at home, the four remaining Project Runway contestants returned to New York to claim their spot at Fashion Week. There was one last evil little twist (okay one giant evil twist, since the designers thought they were done creating new pieces already). Contestants would have to produce a bridesmaid gown at the last minute. Jerell, although a picture of fashion perfection himself, didn’t make the final cut, leaving quiet Leanne, hip-mama Korto, and cranky Kenley to battle it out on the main stage at Bryant Park.

Models slithered into their size -2 outfits as the designers hurried to be ready for their first major runway show. The event started with two big surprises: first, host Heidi Klum showed up in the longest skirt she’s ever worn. It practically covered her knees! Then, as all waited for the show to begin, design mentor Tim Gunn was asked to step in as guest judge in place of mega-star Jennifer Lopez. Kenley, who had argued with and snapped at the silver fox as recently as that morning, suddenly had a glimmer of remorse for her season-long hissy-fit. “Maybe I should have improved my attitude,” she said while biting her lip.

The lights dimmed, and the crowd hushed. All eyes were on the runway. When the music began, Kenley stepped out to introduce her 1940s-inspired collection. Hand-painted fabrics, silk rope details, and bright colors filled the stage. Kenley, who replaced her usual side barrette for tall leaf-like feathers on her head, beamed at the applause.

Korto, the fan favorite this season, brought her African heritage to New York with rich colors and flowing strappy gowns. She finished her show by inviting her four-year-old daughter to join her on the catwalk. Korto really is the hippest mama on the block.

When Leanne appeared on stage, the hairstyle-challenged architect-turned-fashion-designer gave a demure introduction to her heavenly designs. Her wave-inspired blue and white collection showed versatility and innovation. Although judges wondered how many more floppy curved pieces of fabric the collection could stand, Leanne’s designs edged the other two ladies out, making her Project Runway’s big winner of the season.

Congratulations, Leanne! Enjoy the car, the fame, and the perks, but pleeeeeease use some of your $100,000 prize to visit a hair salon already. I’m begging you.

Vacation week recap: We said goodbye to soft-spoken Wisit last week during Top Design’s Green Challenge. Although he’s a remarkable singer, Wisit isn’t much of an environmentalist, claiming his savvy shopping technique was his good deed for our planet. “If you buy the right stuff, you’ll have it around longer,” he explained. “Less waste.” Judges were much more impressed with Eddie’s ability to recycle his carpet padding into wall coverings. Gross, yes, but “green” enough to give him the big win of the week.

Ondine, former Sex and the City set designer, proved that even talented designers with uber-cool resumes can lose it under the pressures of the Top Design challenges. This week, when told to create a room of the future, Ondine did a little trip to outer space herself. She began the challenge by losing her shopping list in Ikea and ended it by tripping over a can of paint—which spread over preppy Eddie’s white sofa quite nicely. Eddie was a gentleman about the incident, though, far too excited about his own creation—a futuristic cloning agency lobby—to push Ondine over the edge completely. According to Eddie, cloning will be huge in the year 2108 because, “even when two people are good looking, sometimes they have really busted kids.” Um, thanks for bettering the world, Eddie.

Designer newbie Natalie got the ticket home this week when her hydraulic room-changing concept didn’t work out. Perhaps she’s too young to have enjoyed The Jetsons. Everybody knows you get sucked up through a clear tube when you want to go to a different level of your house in the future!

Preston, with his perfect chin and long list of celebrity clients, got big love from the judges this week. He was crowned “best designer of tomorrow” with his elegant flying spaceship/hotel room concept. Preston’s pad was fabulous, but it begged the question: how do you get to the ice machine if your hotel room is flying through space?

THE KELLY WEARSTLER REPORT: I can’t get enough of Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler’s personal style—you know that—but when the designer/fashionista stepped into view of the camera this week, I was truly speechless. Her shapeless purple micro-mini looked like two bath mats stapled together. She enhanced the bizarre dress with a floral fortune teller turban, green satin wedges, and enormous Lucite jewelry. If that’s what we’ll all be wearing in the year 2108, I’m glad I won’t be around to see it. It’s time to buy that woman a mirror!

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