Demon in Blue Jeans
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Pages: 24
Goes Well With: Spicy Mexican Salad, Diet Coke or beverage of choice, and Hershey’s Kisses for dessert.

Kate loves bad boys—the only problem is that bad boys only seem to exist in the movies, and Kate hasn’t had a date in weeks. All she wants is to wake up on a Saturday morning snuggled up next to a studly guy. So she jokingly asks Satan to send her his baddest bad boy because she’s definitely ready and willing. When a breathtakingly gorgeous guy rings her doorbell dressed like Robin Hood, she thinks her friends are playing a joke on her. She soon learns her heart’s desire may have been granted after all. Maybe she should have been a little more careful before throwing wishes around.

Poor Zellachrastides, or Zel for short, is just a third-degree incubus who hasn’t been doing so well in seducing the ladies. Kate is his last chance to prove that he can seduce with the best of them and make First Degree Incubi. After all, his brothers did it in only six months—Zel hasn’t in the past ten millennia, and now he only has until tomorrow morning at nine o’clock to get the job done. Could it be that Zel is looking for more than just a one-night seduction?

Sweet, enjoyable, and a little outrageous (in a good way), Demon in Blue Jeans will have you walking back into the office after lunch with a smile on your face. Ms. Sweeney does a good job of developing her characters in the short confines of the story. She brings out their characteristics in a vivid way, and I could picture the interaction between Kate and Zel in blazing color. Along with a good, solid plot, all that makes this one great read.

Because Satan sent a demon to seduce a horny young woman, the plot may seem absurd to some, but as long as it entertains me, I don’t care how preposterous the plot is. Sometimes, you just have to suspend your belief and get carried away with a total fantasy. And Toni V. Sweeney definitely delivers with Demon in Blue Jeans.

With its touch of humor and its sizzling romance, Demon in Blue Jeans is a short, sexy lunchtime romp that I’d recommend any day of the week.

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