The Other Side of the Horizon Review
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Iím always a bit nervous when I pick up a self-published novel. I know that thereís a chance that Iíll end up with a really bad readóbut I could also be pleasantly surprised by how good it turns out to be. K. Lynchís The Other Side of the Horizon falls somewhere in between.

Dr. Jack Eisner is a top-notch emergency room physician. He saves just about every life that comes through Blakemore General Hospital. So when heís called before hospital administrators, who blame him for a patientís death, heís stunned. And to make things worse, the family files a malpractice suit against him and the hospital. With his career pretty much finished, Dr. Eisner takes out his 1950s sailboat, planning to sail away from all of his problems.

As the doctor faces stormy seas and Cuban police patrols, a young defense lawyer discovers that Dr. Eisner may not have been guilty of neglect after all. But now no one can find him, and he may never learn that his name has been cleared.

Mr. Lynch has a good strong grasp on the written word, and he knows his stuff where emergency room medicine is concerned (after all, heís a doctor himself). But the plot of The Other Side of the Horizon needs some serious rescuing. The story is underdeveloped, and it all comes together in a totally unrealistic way. The protagonist doesnít really have to work too hard for his happy ending; it just seems to fall into his lap. Sure, we all want life to work that way, but the cold hard truth is that, most of the time, it just doesnít. And if the author hadnít rushed the storyline, this problem could have been fixed.

With a gutsy character who sets out alone on the ocean to think through his options, The Other Side of the Horizon had the potential to develop into a compelling story about a doctor who fights for his life on the ocean, wins, and comes home ready to fight for his career. Unfortunately, this didnít happen here, seemingly because Mr. Lynch didnít have either the time or the inclination to make it into something more.

However, I can tell by the smoothness and flow of his writing that Mr. Lynch definitely has talentóand, with a bit of hard work and effort, he could just become one of the futureís top medical thriller authors.

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