The Bald, the Bold, the Top Design Winner!
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This week’s TOP DESIGN finale starred the three finest decorators of season two:

Ondine: the messy-haired Sex and the City set designer who really, really, really likes everybody. No, really!

Preston: the quiet thinker who looks more like a runway model than an interior designer.


Nathan: the bald guy with a big heart, wild designs, and oodles of charisma.

Big drama began early in the day, when finalists got some surprise help—three former contestants showed up to lend a hand. Ondine was thrilled to randomly select beautiful blonde Andrea (a.k.a. Mrs. Ricky Schroeder), and Nathan had a huggy reunion with perky young Natalie, but when Preston was paired with his nemesis, Eddie, all eyebrows shot up.

The big question on everyone’s mind: would Eddie sabotage Preston’s chance to win, or would he swallow his envy, straighten his bowtie, and rise to the occasion? “I’m here to help him,” said a tight-lipped Eddie, “I’m not here to help him win.”

Perfect-chinned Preston wasn’t worried. He announced his complete confidence in his teammate’s abilities, grateful to have a talented designer by his side. How did Eddie feel about the match up? “If he asks me to get him a cup of coffee,” said Eddie, “I’ll tell him to go f%#@ himself.” Smirk.

Hoping to be as little help as possible, bored Eddie wandered over to visit the other designers the minute he was out of Preston’s view. When Preston called him to add a few more tasks to the long design to-do list, Eddie rolled his eyes, set down the phone, and walked away. Clearly, he hadn’t gotten over the fact that Preston beat him out in the competition. Catty, catty, catty. (I love it!)

While the Chin vs. Bowtie war waged on, Ondine had a drama of her own brewing as she was once again cursed with the “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” kind of day. Her furniture was late, her carpenters were slow, and her sewing help was nonexistent. All looked hopeless until the very last hour of the competition, when Ondine miraculously finished the house on time. No one was more surprised than the designer herself when show judge Margaret Russell announced, “This is the most pulled together work we’ve ever seen from you.”

Also in the spotlight was Preston, who survived two days of Eddie’s painting and pouting. Pretty Preston produced a townhouse makeover that even Eddie-the-evil-assistant had to admit looked amazing—although he nearly choked on the words.

But, despite gushing praise for both of the other designers, drama-free Nathan was crowned the winner of TOP DESIGN’s second season. Since Nathan’s the most avant-garde decorator in the group, his townhouse makeover was filled with provocative details and bold color choices, yet, somehow, he made it look effortless. Congratulations, Nathan!

The Final Kelly Wearstler Report: My favorite uber-famous interior designer/fashionista strutted to final judging this week in a white ruffled chiffon micro-mini-dress and stiletto heels. Her surprisingly un-crimped and un-ratted hair was subdued in giant blond braids that wrapped around her head, secured with a giant gold flower. The effect was part Girl Scout, part wedding cake, and all kinds of crazy. Oh Kelly, I’ll miss you most of all!

Tune in next week for the premiere of TOP CHEF, where we’ll meet Italian hunk Fabio, William Shatner’s private chef, Patrick, a youngster who isn’t even out of culinary school yet, and the chef most likely to grate on your nerves—Ariane, whose motto is, “keep smiling!” Yeah, that’s going to go over really well in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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