Men Enjoy Weekend Communing with Nature
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BALDWIN, MI All week long, they’re doctors and engineers, husbands and fathers. But, this time of the year, at 5:00 on Friday evening, things change. They become outdoorsmen. They load their gear—their brand new bows and fly fishing rods—into their brand new Blazers and Mountaineers. They pack their favorite plaid flannel shirts, and they head for the Great Outdoors.

One such Weekend Warrior is Brandon Wills of Kentwood. He and his friend, Kent Connery, try to take the trip to Baldwin at least three times during hunting season. They leave their families and their demanding jobs as investment bankers behind and escape it all. They become one with Nature.

This past weekend, Wills and Connery had an especially rewarding weekend. Upon reaching their cabin in the woods, they unloaded their gear and headed to the nearest establishment for a nice dinner. While there, they met up with several familiar outdoorsmen, who invited them to partake in a few rounds of drinks and a few games of pool, followed by a grand old time, singing a number of classics, such as “The Gambler” and “Take this Job and Shove It” with the karaoke machine. Before they knew it, the evening had passed, so they made their way back to their cabin, where they enjoyed a deep sleep, thanks to the fresh air and the effects of a number of beers.

They awoke on Saturday morning, feeling refreshed and ready for breakfast. Though they had planned to cook over a campfire, they headed to McDonalds, where they realized that they couldn’t be served breakfast at noon, so they had Big Macs.

Satisfied and ready to hunt, the men headed out into the woods. They donned their fluorescent orange hats and camouflaged coats and sat out—in pure silence—in their designated spot, enjoying the beauty of a magnificent fall day. After about thirty minutes, Wills was thirsty. Frustrated that Connery had forgotten the Thermos, he packed up his gear, and the pair left for town, where they went back to the establishment from the night before. Once there, they noticed that the game was on. They also found more challengers for a few games of pool. When it was all said and done, they went back to their cabin for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Upon waking up the next afternoon, they packed up and headed home. But before arriving back home, they stopped at a nearby store to fill their coolers with freshly butchered venison meat to serve to their families.

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