Living with the Dead Review
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After reading Living with the Dead, I’ve added Kelley Armstrong to my list of can’t-miss authors. She brings supernatural thrills with her men and women of the Otherworld, including ghosts, witches, and werewolves—which happen to be my absolute favorites among the paranormal.

Robyn Peltier lost her husband to a senseless accident on a dark, rainy night. In an effort to help herself through the grief, she moves to Los Angeles and becomes a PR consultant. It’s a challenging but often uninteresting career—that is, until her client, Portia Kane, is found murdered in a nightclub. Robyn becomes the prime suspect, and the only way to clear her name is not to get caught.

Seeking help, Robyn contacts her best friend, Hope Adams, who writes columns about weird and unusual but true stories. Hope is part human and part demon, an entity that thrives on chaos. Robyn doesn’t know this, and Hope feels that she’s better off not knowing. But it becomes harder to keep the secret, since Robyn has ended up in the middle of a turf war between two powerful Otherworld clans. In order to keep Robyn safe, Hope might just have to bring her into an unseen world that she has no business knowing anything about—not if she wants to live.

John Findlay is an unusual type of detective. He sees ghosts—but usually only after they’ve been murdered and are too confused to realize what’s happened. Then they disappear before they can be of much help to his case. When he’s handed the Portia Kane case, he also gets a ghost named Trent. Not only does Trent stick around, but he’s also convinced that Robyn is innocent. John is inclined to believe she is, too, but he has to catch her before he can put the pieces together and clear her name.

After I finished Living with the Dead, my first thought was to start prowling bookstores, on- and offline, hunting for Kelley Armstrong’s backlist. I simply cannot wait to read more from this author. With a host of intriguing characters—such as Hope Adams and John Findlay, who reminds me of Fox Mulder—her paranormal world fascinated me from page one.

Though the market is flooded with novels in the paranormal genre, Ms. Armstrong manages to make her stories unique and fresh, mainly because her characters are incredibly likable—I absolutely loved John Findlay. And it left me literally begging for more.

With pulse-pounding action, intriguing murders, corruption, and delectable and devious characters, Kelley Armstrong’s Living with the Dead can entertain with the best of them. I urge you to pick up a copy of this thrilling supernatural novel. I guarantee that you’ll be champing at the bit to give the rest of the Women of the Underworld series a try.

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