Fundomino Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 6+)
Playing Time: 10-20 minutes

Fundomino is a colorful new twist on the classic game of dominoes. To begin, players select a number of fundominoes, which are colored and curved dominoes. Once everyone has selected their pieces from the stack, players take turns connecting their pieces at the center of the table, creating a twisting and turning chain. The object is to match the fundominoes by color—and to be the first to use all of your pieces, in order to score points during each round. The first player to get rid of all of his or her pieces wins the round and is awarded 40 points; the first player to reach 120 points wins the game.

While game play is pretty straightforward, the curved playing pieces and their colored squares are one of the elements that make this game enticing for children; the fundominoes are a lot more exciting to look at, and they’re more challenging to play with than the standard rectangular dominoes.

The action squares on various pieces also add an additional dimension of strategy to game play. For example, playing a piece with a “draw” action square requires the next player to take a fundomino from the stack, which can ultimately be used to keep your opponent from playing all of her pieces and winning the round. Or, if you place a piece with a “play again” square, you get to go again, giving you the advantage of playing another fundomino—and getting you that much closer to winning the round.

One potential downside to this game, however, is that there are only 32 fundominoes. While this is great for quick games or for two-player matches, I’d like to have the option of playing a slightly longer game as well, using more pieces—especially in a four-player match.

If you’re worried about boredom, though, fear not, because this game’s instructions offer four options for game play, along with three additional variations. These options give you multitude of possibilities for lively and interesting play at varied levels of difficulty.

Fundomino is a great game for the entire family to play. It’s sure to bring you together again and again for vibrant fun that will quickly spiral from smiles into laughter.

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