Divine Justice Review
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Reading Divine Justice made me rethink the possibility of using coal as an energy source. It may be clean and cheap, but it comes out of the ground at a high price to the families who work to dig it from the earth. Though Mr. Baldacci didn’t overshadow Divine Justice with the coal mining business, it still makes you aware of the cost to lives. And that’s just fine with me—because not only did I get a thrilling read, but I also came away with a deeper understanding of something I knew little about.

Two prominent men destroyed ex-CIA operative John Carr’s life, but he still managed to get justice for his dead wife and daughter. Now he’s on the run as a massive manhunt is launched against him. One man, Macklin Hayes, has no intentions of turning him over to the courts. The master spy wants John Carr—also known as Oliver Stone—to disappear…for good.

Carr ends up in Divine, Virginia, a small coal mining town with a few secrets of its own. He becomes involved with a young man named Danny Riker and his mother, Abigail. A series of “accidents” have taken place over the past two years, and Danny and his mother seem to be smack in the middle of it. Something is going on in Divine, and Carr can’t make himself leave until he’s satisfied that Abigail and Danny will be okay.

In the meantime, members of the Camel Club are determined to help Carr, whether he wants them to or not. In a race against Joe Knox—the man Macklin Hayes appointed to find Carr—the Camel Club hunts for the man they all owe their lives to. And before it’s all over, John Carr is going to need all the help he can get to make it out of Divine alive.

in Divine Justice, Mr. Baldacci will pull you deep into a thrilling plot featuring a man who has faced more than his share of tragedy. He’s the man who will help you when no one else can or even cares to. That’s my favorite kind of hero—and that’s why I love anything written by David Baldacci.

Intrigue, thrills, and a twisted, tangled plot await you in Divine Justice. You’ll hang on to every word, and you’ll rush back to the book whenever you have a minute to spare, eager to find out what’s going on in Divine, Virginia. And, trust me—you probably won’t come close to putting the clues together.

Divine Justice is a terrific read—so hop in your car and drive like your pants are on fire (or just head over to Amazon) to pick up your copy today.

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