What a Scoundrel Wants Review
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I should have known better than to start Carrie Lofty’s What a Scoundrel Wants an hour before I had to leave for work, because I wanted to keep reading—to the point that I almost called in sick. Of course, my conscience wouldn’t let me do that, so I had to settle for rushing home after work to get back to it.

On the road to Nottingham, a confusing battle breaks out—and Will Scarlet doesn’t know who he should be fighting with or against. Then he hears the harrowing screams of a female and leaps into action. After all, a guy can’t go wrong saving a damsel in distress, can he?

Meg proves to be less of a damsel in distress and more of a bothersome handful, no matter what her limitations. But Will needs Meg as a witness to the fact that he didn’t murder the Earl of Whitstowe. And, to add grief on top of grief, Will had Meg’s sister, Ada, arrested for selling false gems.

Meg’s only plan is to rescue her sister from prison. She plans to accomplish the task by any means possible, even if it entails using Will Scarlet to get the job done. Or she could just leave him tied to a tree and go on without him. But Will turns out be one tenacious man, and she can’t get rid of him that easily. Besides, it might be to her advantage to have Will at her back.

What a Scoundrel Wants is a sexy, romantic romp through the adventures of Will Scarlet after the fall of the first Sheriff of Nottingham. Trying to become a respectable citizen with the new sheriff doesn’t quite turn out the way he hopes—and then he falls in love with the feisty Meg who’s somewhat of a thief herself.

Will and Meg aren’t your typical hero and heroine—each is a bit of a scoundrel—but that’s okay, because it just makes them perfect mates. You might get irritated with Meg for leaving Will in precarious situations time after time, but you’ll also want to smack Will in the back of the head for chasing after Meg each time she does him dirty.

With its tantalizing, earthy, and provocative plot, What a Scoundrel Wants is a fun and enjoyable read. Ms. Lofty was already one of my favorite ebook authors. Now she dives into the mass paperback market with a winner. You’ll want to watch her grow as an author. I know I will.

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