Vampire Kristmas
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Pages: 32
Goes Well With: Chicken salad sandwich, a small bag of chips, and eggnog (I know the holidays are stressful, but try to resist spiking your eggnog)

Jeremy Kristmas is awakened from a two-century nap because his twin brother, Jared, is in trouble again, and they need to switch places. Jeremy isn’t particularly happy to be awakened, since he lost his true love, Cordelia, and he doesn’t want to look for anyone new. He just hopes his brother hadn’t done something that will require jail time. And then he thinks he sees Cordelia, but that can’t be—because she’s dead.

Jeremy is caught in bed with Dee, who’s engaged to someone else. Since Dee and her cousin, Lynette, look alike, Jeremy claims that he ended up in Dee’s bed by mistake (which isn’t true), and Lynette agrees to pretend to be Jeremy’s fiancée until after the holidays to save Dee grief. But something strange is going on. Suddenly, Jeremy starts to look at her like he’s never seen her before, and her heart skips a beat whenever he’s near. And then he starts talking about her being his long-lost Cordelia.

Now Jeremy has to clean up Jared’s mess, since Jared used Jeremy’s name rather than his own while fooling around with Dee. But if Lynette really is the reincarnated soul of Cordelia, then maybe things won’t be so bad after all. He just has to convince her that he’s not the cheating bastard she thinks he is.

Vampire Kristmas is a sensual, romantic read. It’s perfect for the holidays, when everyone wishes for the impossible—because, within the pages of this novel, you do get the impossible.

Stirring, captivating, and, yes, even a little heart-warming, Vampire Kristmas will satisfy your hunger for a holiday romance where lovers can be reunited, even after death. Suspend your belief, put away your bah-humbug caps, and get lost in romance on your lunch break just for a little while. It never hurts to be carried away by a fantasy every now and then—and Vampire Kristmas is sure to do just that.

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