Too Far Gone Review
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With three children—all boys—that she’s raising alone, Ellie Stuart has no room in her life for a man who thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, too. But when Navy SEAL Sean Harlan comes around, she forgets the reasons why she doesn’t need a man in her life, especially the love ‘em and leave ‘em type like Sean. As she tries to put her life back together, her boys are kidnapped on a Virginia back road, on their way home one night. Devastated, Ellie turns to Sean—the one man who can get her children back.

After a six-month deployment, Sean Harlan has just returned from Afghanistan—and he goes straight to Ellie and her sons to see how they’re doing. Though he loves those kids, he could never have anything long-term with Ellie because of them. He simply does not date women with children, not with his life as a Navy SEAL. In an effort to get Ellie out of his mind, he spends the weekend with another woman. It doesn’t help, and when he returns, he finds that Ellie’s boys have been taken.

The police suspect that Ellie killed her own children, so they aren’t looking in the directions that they should be. The head of a private organization may have need of Ellie’s boys, and he’s willing to frame Sean, Ellie, or even both of them for murder—and he’s definitely willing to go as far as killing them to get what he wants.

Filled with heart, emotion, and explosive action, Too Far Gone is a definite page-turner—read one chapter, and you just have to read the next. I spent many bleary-eyed mornings trying to get awake after staying up half the night reading. But with a good book, it’s well worth it—and Too Far Gone is a great book.

My only problem with Too Far Gone is Ellie. She keeps insisting on getting in Sean’s way as he tries to find her children—wanting to go with him whenever he plans a mission to get them out. I kept thinking, He’s trained to do this! Let him do his job!

I know that Ellie was worried about her children, and I understand that, but Sean didn’t need the added distraction of having to keep Ellie out of danger while trying to rescue her boys. I know that if I had a man like that willing to find my boys, I’d wait at the hotel, trust him with their lives, and promise him passionate kisses every day for the rest of his life when he brought them back safely. Now if Ellie had been a trained soldier like Sean, it would have been a whole other story—then again, she probably wouldn’t have needed his help if that were the case.

All that aside, though, Too Far Gone is still one of my top twenty favorite romantic suspense novels—because the story drew me in and took me out of this world for awhile. Ms. Melton’s writing style is smooth and flowing, making me want to read anything she writes—preferably with no interruptions.

Too Far Gone will tug at your heart, even as it leaves you breathless. I simply loved it.

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