Demonís Hunger Review
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Romance novels seem to be headed down a disturbing path. Instead of normal, everyday men and women such as ourselves, the heroes and heroines are becoming more creature-like. It started with vampires and werewolves, and now itís moved on to various forms of demonsóand I canít help but think that itís making romance sound a bit silly. In fact, I sometimes find myself laughing through sex scenes and scary demon scenes instead of being turned on or scared. Donít get me wrong; I still enjoy the demons, vampires, and werewolves. Itís just that sometimes the demon is the hero, and, for reasons I canít exactly pinpoint, I find that laughable. Thankfully, though, in Demonís Hunger, the hero is a white sorcerer who fights demons.

Though Vivien Cairn isnít exactly happy with her life, sheís satisfied with her career as a forensic anthropologist. She identifies victims through their bones, giving families the closure they need. But lately everything has been out of whack. She loses long stretches of time, when she blacks out and canít remember where she went or what she did. Tortured with a raging hunger that she doesnít understand, she begins to wonder if sheís saneóthat is, until a sexy sorcerer saves her from a demon. Then all she can think about is getting Dain into her bed.

Dain Hawkins is sworn to protect the human realm from the demon realm, but when he realizes that Vivien may be a succubusóthe female version of a demonóhis desire for her outweighs his desire to perform his duty. When a demon serial killer starts attacking humans, his suspicions that Vivien may be the killer begin to eat him alive. How can he feel so much for a woman who could be the utmost evil? But he must protect her at all costs. He wonít be able to live with himself if he fails again to keep someone he cares about safe.

Demonís Hunger takes you on a wild ride of passion and dangeródragging you into the depths of fear, only to toss you back into the clutches of hunger and desire as Dain and Vivien fight something they donít fully understand. The chemistry between the hero and heroine explodes off the page, leaving the reader breathless with its intensity.

The plot focuses more on the sex than it does the storyís demon-fighting aspectsówhich is to be expected, since Vivien is a succubus, a demon that feeds off sex. But that made the novel a little less satisfying to me, since Iím more into the pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat danger of a story. Fortunately, though, Demonís Hunger has a few of those moments, so it wasnít a total loss. And as long as Eve Silver keeps her heroes mostly in the white realm instead of the darkóbecause a demon in love just doesnít make much sense to meóIíll definitely continue to read this talented authorís thrilling romances.

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