Man Turns Long-Time Hobby Into New Career
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AURORA, IL Vernon Beadle has always spent his free time puttering around the house, fixing everything from leaky pipes to sparking light fixtures. A few years ago, he started helping out around his friends’ houses—fixing things for those who don’t have time to fix things themselves. That’s when the idea came to him: If this is what I really enjoy, why not quit my job as a successful certified public accountant and become a full-time handyman? And that’s how Handyman for Hire came to be.

In his new career as a professional handyman, Beadle works for those who don’t have enough time to fix things around the house. Those who live alone and don’t have anyone to fix things. Those who weren’t blessed with the handyman gene. No job is too small or too large for Beadle. From fixing a broken chair leg to reworking a house’s entire heating and cooling system. Beadle will do anything that his customers need him to do.

If you’re in need of Beadle’s handyman services, all you need to do is give him a call. He’ll then set up an appointment and come to your home. And he’ll do the same job that you’d expect from your very own handyman.

Beadle begins each job without knowing what, exactly, he’s fixing or how he’s going to do it. He’ll then poke at things and smack at them until he breaks something and/or seriously injures himself. After he’s left everything a shattered mess for several weeks, he’ll come back to it and make it work—sort of—in a way that it’s never worked before. Then he’ll cover it in duct tape in a variety of stylish colors. And, in the end, it’ll look just like you did it yourself.

Says Beadle’s wife, Sharon, “I’ve seen his work, and it looks just like everything in our home. Vernon works hard to make his customers’ homes look like they have their very own handyman living there.”

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