Karaoke Cowgirl
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Pages: 19
Goes Well With: A spicy bowl of chili, warm bread, and a tall drink o’ water

Every Saturday night, Ally and her best friend, Lillian, get all dolled up in their fanciest duds and head out to the Lonesome Star Karaoke Bar, where Ally sings her heart out to her handsome cowboy, Nick.

For Ally, it was love at first sight. Since then, she’s been trying to win Nick’s heart by dressing in uncomfortably tight outfits and spending hours on her hair and makeup before she goes out every week. It’s definitely worked—he can’t take his eyes off her—but now she’s afraid that she’ll lose him if he ever finds out who she really is.

Meanwhile, Nick is afraid that he’s fallen in love with a woman who’s totally out of his league. She’s gorgeous and perfect—and she has a beautiful voice. But this country-singing angel would be horrified if he ever brought her out to the ranch to meet his hard-working family.

Karaoke Cowgirl is a simple, down-home romance about the uncertainty of new love. Like Ally and Nick, we’ve all tried—at one point or another—to make ourselves more attractive or more interesting or more fabulous than we really are, just to get the attention of a good-looking stranger. Most of the time—at least in real life—it doesn’t end well. But, well, this isn’t real life—so, before you even start reading, you’ll already know how it’s going to end.

As Colleen has pointed out before, it’s difficult to get to know a character in just a few pages. Fortunately, though, Dawn understands her limitations, so she keeps her characters simple. She doesn’t try to throw in any bizarre personality traits or decades-old baggage. She doesn’t try to get too in-depth into their stories, either. And though they’re not exactly realistic characters (especially Nick, who’s just way too good to be true), they’re likeable and down-to-earth—making it easy for readers to relate to them and their situation.

While it isn’t especially new or surprising, Karaoke Cowgirl makes for a pleasantly light little lunch-time read. Dawn writes her characters well, and the story comes together in a neat and fluffy (and, of course, happy) ending. It’s simply a warm and cozy romance that any cowgirl can enjoy.

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