Best of Intentions Review
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While headed for a sold-out concert, rock musician Devin McFadden has a premonition of an accident on the dark, snow-covered highway—a premonition that comes true within minutes. As the bus driver swerves to miss another vehicle, the tour bus careens off the road and rolls down a steep embankment. Devin later awakens in the ICU in a hospital in his hometown, blind and in the care of his high school love, Tess Parker.

The last person Tess ever thought she’d see again is Devin McFadden. He chose his music over her years ago, breaking her heart. She moved on, married and divorced, and became a nurse. The connection between them was damaged years ago, and she has no wish to refuel it—not if it means another broken heart.

As Tess tries to aid the police in finding the “angel of death” at the hospital where she works, she allows Devin to stay with her until he’s healed. Not a great move if she plans on keeping her heart whole. But Devin has the gift of second sight, and he may just be able to help her catch a killer before he or she strikes again.

Best of Intentions is one of the best romantic suspense ebooks I’ve read in quite some time. Everything from the characters to the plot is well developed. And although the angel of death angle isn’t anything new, Ms. Cary manages to make it feel like a fresh and interesting subplot by allowing both the hero and heroine to see through the eyes of the death angel.

A bit of a paranormal twist adds some intrigue to the romance between Tess and Devin, which is the story’s main focus. Ms. Cary used a deft hand in keeping a good balance between all three story elements—romance, paranormal, and suspense—making Best of Intentions a splendid read from start to finish.

The next time you’re looking for a good read to download to your desktop or your mobile device, I wholeheartedly recommend Best of Intentions without any reservations.

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