Six Seconds Review
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Daniel Graham had gone into the Rockies near his home in Calgary to say goodbye to his wife. As he stood there, letting her ashes drift away on the wind, he heard the sound of helicopter blades: a search was underway.

Soon, the off-duty Mountie is pulled out of his mourning and into a new mission—to search for the family of a boy who was found drowned in the river. And after risking his life to try to save the boy’s sister, Graham finds himself unable to walk away from the Tarver family’s case—the dead mother and two kids, the missing father.

The case leads him to Washington, D.C., where Ray Tarver worked as a freelance journalist—then to California, where Graham meets a woman named Maggie Conlin, who’s still searching for her husband, a former contract truck driver in Iraq, who disappeared one day, taking their son with him.

Though his superiors are quick to rule the Tarvers’ deaths as accidental, Graham suspects that there’s something more to the case. But he wonders if there’s really more to it—or if he’s just trying to redeem himself.

Rick Mofina’s Six Seconds is a hefty thriller that’s loaded with subplots: a missing reporter, a desperate mother, a cop with a past, rumored terrorist attacks, war crimes, and even a visit from the pope. Individually, the various plots are really nothing new. And, similarly, the main characters are all pretty familiar. In fact, you’ve most likely read about them before. Yet all of those characters—and all of their stories—manage to come together in one fast-paced and suspenseful novel.

As the stories unfold, Mofina doesn’t hold much information back. He gets right to the point—so it won’t take you long to figure out what’s going on or who’s behind it. Instead, the story’s suspense lies in Graham’s race to put the pieces together before it’s too late. As you read, you’ll feel as if you’re watching the timer tick down on a bomb: you know what’s coming (and you know it’s bad), and you just have to keep reading to find out if anyone will be able to disarm it in time.

Six Seconds is a swift and smoothly written thriller. It’s so heavy with tension—and it moves at such a rapid pace—that you’ll find yourself speeding through pages and chapters, eager to find out what will happen next. And although some aspects of the story come together just a bit too effortlessly, this fast-paced adventure is worth picking up—especially for fans of speedy, James Patterson-style crime thrillers.

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