Said the Spider to the Fly Review
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Mona Murphy returns to Copper Springs to take care of her grandfather’s estate after his death. Years ago, strange things went on in that house—things that Mona didn’t understand at the time. Over the years, she’s tried to hide the fact that she can sense people’s thoughts, but too many voices crowded her mind, driving her to the edge of insanity, so she got out and learned to control it—learned how not to listen. Once she’s back in Copper Springs, though, she finds that controlling her “gift” isn’t really the best thing she can do right now.

Mona meets Preston Hitchcock, an insurance agent who arrives to investigate the death of Mona’s grandfather, Jerome Kincaid. Right before his death, Jerome purchased a $500,000 policy, listing Mona as the beneficiary, which leads Preston to suspect suicide. But it seems that Jerome may have had a few enemies—people in town who have things they want kept private—things Jerome somehow found out about. Jerome may have had a little help falling down the stairs.

Throw in a bumbling sheriff, an old high school sweetheart who’s not so sweet or charming anymore, two strange children, a mentally challenged man, a powerful family, and crooks without a noticeable crime, and you’ve got one big stew pot filled with mystery.

From the very first sentence to the pulse-pounding climax, Said the Spider to the Fly kept me hanging on every page. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, author Miss Mae threw in another twist, leaving me scratching my head and frowning in concentration because I wanted to solve this crime. However, the author skillfully worked her characters, to the point that I never suspected the right one—though I later realized that I should have. And, at the same time, she makes it all come to a plausible and electrifying conclusion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery, and I hope to read more from Miss Mae in the future. She’s an author that I intend to keep an eye out for in 2009.

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