Scent of Cherry Review
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Angela Cabot moves to the beach to get over her divorce from a man who spent his life at work. He basically neglected her and, in the end, he cheated on her. She always loved the beach, but her husband, Stephen, never did, so she thought it would be the perfect place to start over. While sheís cleaning the kitchen, the scent of cherry lingers in the air. She didnít bring it in with her, so what could it be?

Marc Braley goes to visit his grandfatherís old house one more time before heading back to Seattle and his job as an architect. The house holds bad memories for him. On a night three years ago, heíd had an argument with his fiancť. She left upset and was killed in a car accident. Of course, Marc blames himself.

Another woman has moved into his old house, and he canít seem to forget her. When the scent of cherry follows him home, Marc becomes convinced that his grandfatherís ghost is trying to tell him something.

Because of the pain induced by previous relationships, neither is looking for another relationship, but a ghost has other plans for both of them.

Scent of Cherry is a sweet, romantic, short read, but itís not very original. A woman seeks a new beginning after a divorce (or some other life crisis). A man blames himself for the death of the woman he loves because of an argument that lead to her death in an accident of some sort. And, of course, the divorced woman and accident-blaming male coincidentally meet. Thereís nothing particularly wrong with this plotline, but the author failed to make it stand out from all the other storylines like it. In addition, the ghost of Marcís grandfather felt as if it was just thrown in to liven up the story, but it didnít really help that much.

The writing is strong, and the story flows well, but it seemed as if Ms. Hardin were trying to stuff a 300-page novel into fifteen pages. The story isnít developed enough to make readers care about what happens to the characters, and the plot is too bland to be unforgettable.

In short, Scent of Cherry is neither good nor badóit just failed to capture my attention and linger in my memory.

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