Keepers of Legend Review
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For her daughterís fifteenth birthday, Jessica takes Keeley on a mother-daughter hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. Near the top of a ridge, theyíre surprised by a strange bird blocking the trail. Keeley immediately decides that itís a dragon, which Jessica thinks is impossible. Dragon or not, though, it seems to be in pain, and Keeley wants to help itóno matter how dangerous it might be.

The dragon invades Jessicaís mind with a series of pictures, showing its mother getting shot down by a rocket launcher. The baby dragon has chosen Jessica as its guardian, so she decides to get it to a cave where it can hide until they figure out what to do.

Drew McGregor is sent into the mountains to find some unknown animal for the military. But when he left on his mission, he didnít expect to find his long-dead brotherís high school girlfriend, Jessica, with a child who looks suspiciously like the McGregors.

Also in the woods are a camp of civilians called Keepers of the Treasure and a gang of survivalists. Theyíre all surrounding the strange, bird-like creatureóand Jessica and her daughter are right in the middle of it all, where things could get deadly. Suddenly, Drewís mission switches from capturing an animal to getting Jessica and Keeley out alive.

While reading Keepers of Legend, I found it very easy to suspend my belief and imagine dragons flying around in the Great Smoky Mountains, which is where I happen to live. The story is warm and inviting, and itís filled with characters that Iíd be comfortable hanging around with. Itís also refreshing to see a mother-daughter relationship thatís so full of love and respect.

Along with a soft-hearted story, the plot is often fast-paced and stirring, leaving you anxious for the baby dragon and its safety. I donít normally like stories about dragons, but Ms. Hutton managed to make me believe that the impossible might just be possible after all.

So, the next time I step out into my back yard, Iíll look to the skies to see if I can catch a glimpse of a flying dragon. At the same time, Iíll also keep my eye out for the next dragon story by Cheryel Hutton.

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