The Spell of the Killing Moon Review
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As a time guardian and a Druid, Elspeth Isley is duty-bound to make sure that time stays on track and history isn’t changed, no matter what. So she’s sent back to 1367 Cumberland, England, where she becomes Lord Wode’s mistress in order to get inside the castle and get close to the Black Knight, Aidan Gordon. Her orders are to kill him. The problem: Aidan Gordon is Elspeth’s soulmate.

Aidan can’t understand why Elspeth hungers after Lord Wode. She deserves better—perhaps someone like himself. Besides, it isn’t good to cross Lady Wode, who’s already making plans to “dispense with the bothersome weed in her garden.” So Aidan sets out to woo Elspeth. After all, she’s not supposed to be able to resist her soulmate. But, every night, Elspeth disappears or runs off in a hurry. Just what, exactly, is Elspeth up to? And can Aidan keep her safe from Lady Wode’s wrath?

Though the archaic language is sometimes hard to understand—and I sometimes found myself having to reread whole paragraphs, just to catch the meaning—The Spell of the Killing Moon captivated me with its timeless, otherworldly feel. Ms. Moncrief managed to mix both futuristic and historical elements into one short novel, while still making it feel natural.

Ms. Moncrief brings the castle and the surrounding forest into brilliant focus, and I soon felt as if I were actually inside the story with the characters, watching the plot unfold. And the sex scenes, which took place in the dirt and leaves, still come across as hot and tasteful—rather than dirty and degrading.

Seductive and alluring, The Spell of the Killing Moon draws you deep into sensual intrigue with just enough explosive action to keep you breathless, making this a dynamite read from the first page to the last. In the future, this reader, for one, is eager to pick up anything written by Skhye Moncrief.

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