Above the Law Review
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Though I wasn’t especially impressed by the last of Tim Green’s book’s that I read, I always like to give authors a second chance. This time, I’m glad I did—because Above the Law blew me away.

Early one morning, on a ranch outside Dallas, a young Mexican immigrant, Elijandro, is shot to death by Senator Chase, who claims it was a hunting accident. Elijandro leaves behind a young wife and daughter, who are hurriedly deported back to Mexico. The real reason for their deportation, though, is that Senator Chase doesn’t want Elijandro’s wife, Isodora, asking questions about her husband’s death—so he pulls some strings to get them out of the country fast.

Isodora’s sister, Maria, goes to attorney Casey Jordan for help. At first, she just wants help to get Isodora’s daughter back from foster care before they’re deported—but then things get messy. As Casey digs deeper into the case, she realizes that Senator Chase might very well have murdered Elijandro, thinking that he’s above the law. With the help of a private investigator with a less than clean past, Casey goes after the senator, who fires back with deadly vengeance. But Senator Chase’s wife, Mandy, might just be the one person who can help put him behind bars—and Casey might be able to get some help from someone who’s just as ruthless and cold-hearted as the corrupt senator.

Above the Law will stir up an array of different emotions in readers. It will make you angry about the injustices that are brought on by those in positions of power. It’ll also make you think about your political position where immigration is concerned.

Mr. Green brings his characters to life so skillfully and with such extraordinary imagination that you’ll have to remind yourself that they don’t really exist. Casey Jordan is the most likeable fictional lawyer I’ve found since Assistant DA Jack McCoy on TV’s Law & Order, and you’ll root for her as she tackles the case using whatever means necessary to make someone pay for Elijandro’s death. You’ll also feel for Isodora and hope that she’ll get justice for what the Senator did. And you’ll absolutely hate Senator Chase and the sheriff he has in his back pocket, doing his dirty work—because they’re two of the most heinous villains ever to grace the pages of a book.

Above the Law is edgy, gritty, and suspenseful, and it will capture you in a spellbinding thriller that you’ll be in no hurry to escape. After reading it, I simply cannot wait to pick up the next book by Tim Green. With Above the Law, he’s earned a place on my auto-buy list.

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