Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat Review
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A few months ago, when Kat turned thirteen, she began to see ghosts—which would be okay if she weren’t terrified of them. Though she knows that she’s going to have to learn to deal with them, she still dreads the encounters. And even though her mother has the same gift, Kat just doesn’t feel as if she can talk about her fears with a mother who seems to be so comfortable with the spirit world

While taking pictures of the empty house next door, Kat captures an image of a young boy staring out from an upstairs window. Mustering up her courage, Kat goes over to explore. Once inside, she encounters a nasty spirit who seems to want to keep her away from the boy.

As Kat tries to figure out how to help the ghost boy—without having an anxiety attack each time she visits the house—she meets Orin, her mother’s new friend, who offers to teach her how to use her gift effectively.

Meanwhile, Kat’s best friend, Jac, is having major problems at home—mostly because she doesn’t want to play the cello anymore, much to her mother’s horror, since Jac is a musical genius.

It’s tough being a teen whose mother talks to spirits like they’re Girl Scouts stopping by to sell cookies and whose father abandoned them for a young, busty blonde. Throw in the supernatural world, and things get extremely complicated.

Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat was a total delight to read, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Kat is such a sweetheart of a character that you’ll love her from the moment she describes her mother as “somewhat weird but incredibly cool.” She might be afraid of ghosts, but she’s determined to overcome that obstacle so she can help the boy ghost, which makes her an unselfish and admirable character.

Jac defies her mother at every turn, but since her mother is such an overbearing nut, you won’t blame Jac. In fact, you’ll be on her side. Jac is a good friend to Kat, and she’s always willing to help, even if it’s just to tag along while Kat tries to help ghosts. She also adds humor and wit to the storyline.

Scaredy Kat is a fast-moving story that won’t bog you down with weighted words and unnecessary exposition. It’s often humorous, but there’s also a hint of spookiness and mystery to keep things exhilarating. In fact, after I read the last page, I wanted to go right back to the first page and read it again.

Don’t miss this delightful read! And when you’re finished with it, be sure to pass it on to your daughter—I know I would if I had one. It’s a worry-free read, uncontaminated by sex, drugs, and foul language, so you can feel good about sharing it with the early teens in your life.

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