E-Author Spotlight: Cinsearae Santiago
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Every now and then I come across an author who is so unique and fascinating just because of how they see the world—Cinsearae Santiago is one of those authors. She brings her incomparable vision of life to her writing, creating deep emotion and thrills within the realms of the supernatural. Ms. Santiago is not afraid to reach beyond the norm, and that’s what makes her such a wonderful and inspiring writer.

Ms. Santiago was born and raised in Pennsylvania, preferring the outdoors to being inside. She enjoyed playing with the neighborhood kids, but she also enjoyed playing alone and exploring the world around her. Her mother never had a problem making her go outside to play—it was getting her back inside that took some time. She would feed squirrels and birds, dig in the dirt, watch ants, play with worms, and pluck the Japanese beetles off her mom’s roses because they were chewing on the petals (it was never a yuck factor to her). She looked at these things from a different perspective—she enjoyed looking at the iridescent colorings on the beetles; watching the ants carry things to their ant hills; wondering how worms could get around under dirt if they didn’t have eyes; and wondering what happened to the bugs that left their casings behind.

One of her many talents is drawing by hand. She loves creating digital art, but using good old-fashioned pencil and paper is more meditative and intimate to her. She also loves taking atmospheric photographs. You can see her gallery here: BloodTouch.Webs.com

Ms. Santiago is one of a few authors who listen to music while writing, and depending on her mood, or the type of story she’s writing, it can vary from The Cure, VAST, H.I.M., Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Diary of Dreams, or lots of eerie instrumental music by Delirium, Midnight Syndicate, or Nox Arcana.

On the normal side, she’s a collector of key chains; on the abnormal side—skulls (and not the fake, resin-crafted kind). Some of her other favorite things include roses, Halloween (and Halloween stores), photographing cemeteries, roller coasters, strawberries, French vanilla ice cream, shiny things, candles, and taking a stroll through nature.

On Writing in Ms. Santiago’s Own Words

What or who inspires you to write?

Life inspires me, mainly. But subjects of the paranormal are also a big inspiration.

Why did you begin writing?

I soon found out that writing was an outlet for me to express myself, create worlds with people that would also be my friends for the duration that I wrote my stories.

What author inspires you?

Stephen King was my first inspiration. I was reading his books when I was in junior high, and that garnered a lot of funny looks from my classmates!

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

The serenity of writing itself; a chance for a bit of ‘escape’ from the norm, and like most authors, folks who like what I write.

Have you experienced writer’s block? And if so, how did you cure it?

I don’t freak out, for one—that only makes it worse. I just go with the flow and wait it out, watch movies, or read. It eventually comes back to me in bits and pieces until I’m in full swing again.

When is your next book due out, and what’s it about?

I’m almost done working on the first draft of the fourth book in my ABRAXAS series, and it should be out by early spring. The ABRAXAS series is my favorite so far out of all that I’ve written. A young woman gets attacked by a couple of vampires, unlocking strange powers within her that have lain dormant. She goes a bit haywire for a short while as she’s adjusting to her abilities, and her “re-emergence” attracts the attention of another vampire who has the same powers as she. Once she is brought to him, she finds out he’s twice her age, which is startling at first, but eventually she becomes more and more attracted to him. He has a small clan of vampires residing in his mansion—a hodgepodge group—and throughout the series they go through dangerous situations from dealing with enemies in their own clan, a witch, zombies, and even demons.

When not dealing with that, the mundane aspects of their life start to grate on our heroine. She’s a working class minority, and her soul mate is rich and of a high social status. Along with the age factor, this all garners a lot of looks from people—mostly looks of disapproval and scorn. Folks can find out more about the series and grab free chapter downloads here: BloodTouch.Webs.com/abrazas.htm

And there you have it! Please take a moment to visit Cinsearae Santiago’s web site and learn more about this unusual but engaging author: BloodTouch.Webs.com.

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