American Idol Top Twelve, Plus One
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Let the obsession begin! Twelve, no, wait; THIRTEEN talented songsters will keep us busy for the rest of this spring watching bold performances and judging inventive hairstyles. In an inability to agree on whom to cut, judges decided there would be an extra seat in the race for the title of AMERICAN IDOL this year. Let’s meet the lucky darlings now:

Alexis Grace is a sweet little blond mom who was told at her audition to “dirty herself up” before she came to Hollywood. She showed up with pink hair. Does that count? Guess so!

Danny Gokey is the heartthrob widower with a heart of gold.

Michael Sarver is the loveable lug of a country boy who needs a wardrobe consultation.

Allison Iraheta is a high school student with crayon red hair. Love her. Love the look.

Kris Allen is from Arkansas and hasn’t done anything interesting or memorable yet.

Adam Lambert has a cool punk vibe and a huge voice.

Lil Rounds has the BEST NAME EVER!

Scott MacIntyre is a great stage performer, even though he can’t see. Let’s face it though; he needs a haircut—pronto!

Jorge Nunez is the cool guy from Puerto Rico. There is something very old Hollywood about that guy. I like it.

Matt Giraud is the blues-y guy who looks great in hats.

Megan Joy has tattoos and magic tones, by far the most unusual voice of the thirteen singers.

Jasmine Murray is the sixteen year old model-esque high school student who is not just a pretty face; this kid can belt it out.


Anoop Desai, who has irresistibly fabulous enormous eyebrows that wiggle when he sings.

So here it is, my pre-season prediction: drum roll please…LIL ROUNDS will be the next American Idol! That girl has the look, the stage presence, and the attitude. But the biggest reason I see her in my crystal ball is that voice. When she takes the microphone, I am reminded that she is surrounded by amateurs.

Until we meet back here next week, set your DVRs and cancel all your evening plans…it’s IDOL time!

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