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Safe Haven, Wisconsin used to be just that: a safe haven from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. It’s the kind of tiny, isolated town where everyone knows everyone else, and no one has any secrets—or so it once seemed.

Late one night, after a helicopter crashes outside of town, Safe Haven finds itself under attack. First come the strange phone calls. Then the power goes out. Then, while most of the town remains blissfully unaware of the danger that’s quietly hunting them, people begin to die—one by one, in the most violent and horrifying ways.

To the ruthless assassins who have been let loose in Safe Haven, the killing spree is both business and pleasure. But a strong-willed firefighter, a waitress, and an aging sheriff are determined to do whatever it takes to protect the town and the people they care about.

Afraid may seem like a silly title for a book. A bit plain—and even a bit presumptuous—don’t you think? It seems to taunt you, daring you to read it and not be afraid at all. But that title says it all. The characters in this book are, generally, afraid—and those who aren’t really should be. There’s a pretty good chance that you will be, too.

There are some thrillers that are best read on dark, stormy nights, when a good dose of action and suspense can turn a quiet night at home into an enjoyably spine-tingling adventure. Jack Kilborn’s Afraid is not one of those thrillers. Afraid should be read in broad daylight, preferably in the middle of a large group of friendly-looking people (none of whom are wearing black), in an open, airy location. I recommend the beach. Read it at any other time—or in any other place—and you’ll most likely end up locking yourself in a closet (with a tiny book light, since there’s no way you’re putting this book down until it’s over).

Afraid is, without a doubt, the most intense and terrifying book I’ve read in years. From the very first page, the story is filled with non-stop action and suspense that’s chilling because, despite its hint of science-fiction, it’s somehow frighteningly believable.

The shocking, stomach-turning violence will leave you wishing that you could close your eyes and block it all out. But no matter how horrifying it gets, you won’t be able to stop reading—because you’ll need to know what’s happening and why…and if anyone will make it out of Safe Haven alive.

Afraid isn’t for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. But, if you can handle the horrors and the gore, it’s one heck of a hair-raising read.

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