Sinbad’s Wife (The Adventures of Sinbad: Book Two) Review
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Andrea Talltrees keeps dragging her feet about marrying Sinbad—and you really can’t blame her. Sinbad only has a few months to live. But, finally, he convinces her by going off and acting as if he’s spending his evenings drinking and carousing with other women. I’m not sure why he thinks that will work, but it does.

Not long after Sinbad and Andrea are married, Sinbad takes a drastic turn for the worse and ends up in the hospital on life-support. A miracle doctor steps in with a radical medical treatment that will save Sinbad’s life, but it comes with a hefty price—one that Andrea is all too willing to pay, even as she prays that Sinbad will never find out what she’s about to do.

As Sinbad lies in a hospital bed, fighting for his life, someone from Andrea’s past returns to play havoc on all of their lives. Although Sinbad might survive, Andrea might not.

Sinbad’s Wife is an unconventional tale of adventure and danger about a woman’s struggle to save the man she loves, even if it means making tough choices that go against the grain. Though I found her choices to be somewhat disturbing, I had to ask myself if I would do the same thing in her situation. How far would you go to save the man you love?

Ms. Sweeney always creates stories that are thrown miles outside the box, and Sinbad’s Wife is no exception. Imagine an Amish-like community that’s set far into the future, on a distant planet, where most people aren’t entirely human. Throw in a family drama edged with perilous excursions, and you have yourself a grand escapade.

Though you might find yourself judging the choices that Andrea makes, perhaps even disliking her a little in the process, I can still guarantee that Sinbad’s Wife is unlike anything you’ve read before. After reading it, you’re going to want to pick up the next book to see what adventures Sinbad gets mixed up in next. I know I will.

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