The Lost Witness Review
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When her last case turned into a media frenzy, Detective Lena Gamble ended up embarrassing her chief. It didn’t seem to matter that she’d caught the killer; higher-ups were still angry and upset about the way it all went down. So her chief punished her by keeping her chained to a desk for eight months, tossing her cases of little interest.

Then, out of the blue, Lena gets assigned to a murder investigation. At first, she’s thrilled—until she checks out the scene, where a young woman was found chopped into pieces and thrown into a dumpster. The victim is unidentified, and there are no witnesses and no leads. With such a gruesome crime, there’s no way the media will stay out of this one. Lena has just been set up to take a fall—but she’ll put up one hell of a fight before she lets that happen.

As Lena digs into the victim’s life, she uncovers some astounding clues, which lead her into the world of identity theft. It also leads her to a killer who’s on a psychotic cocktail of drugs, which takes the case into unstable and dangerous territory.

The Lost Witness brings to life a tough and scintillating character in Lena Gamble. Though her superiors are against her, she still fights for the victim, doing all that she can to bring the killer to justice—even if it means losing her job in the process. The plot is deep and powerful, and it comes together in a surprising conclusion that will whack you over the head with its twisted and complex outcome. The best endings are the ones you don’t see coming—and Mr. Ellis is a master at it.

Though The Lost Witness isn’t especially fast-paced or filled with the most thrilling scenes, you’ll still find yourself immersed in the murder investigation, helpless to pull yourself away until you learn who Jane Doe is, who took her life, and why. Trust me—you won’t be left with a half-baked finale.

Step into the gruesome and harrowing world of Lena Gamble, and you’ll come away with an imperceptible feeling of unease and a shiver down your spine. With its enigmatic and grisly plot, The Lost Witness definitely delivers a punch that will leave you anxious for more.

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