Touch of the Demon
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Pages: 39
Goes Well With: Leftover, homemade vegetable soup and cornbread muffins

The humans are pissing off the dark angel Mammon—but so are the gods. Humans aren’t crumbling under the gods’ power, and Mammon despises the entire species with their petty disputes and inability to see beyond their own personal greed. So, his solution is to send Rafe back in time to fix the problem. If he does, Rafe will earn the return of his wings.

Rafe is sent back to find the female who bred with an immortal, tainting the species by making the gods and dark angels weaker--and the humans stronger. Rafe’s mission is to kill the bearer of the child before she can give birth. That way the humans will surely crumble under the gods’ power, making Mammon happy.

Celeste is also sent by the Great Mother to assassinate Rafe before he can kill the woman who carries the half-immortal that will save the human species. What happens next I saw coming a mile away.

Though Touch of the Demon is predictable, Ms. Phillips brings out the atmosphere of the place and time, giving the plot a spooky and beguiling tone. However, I didn’t particularly like Rafe—there’s more to a man than just his carefully-sculpted body and prowess in bed—and that’s all Rafe seems to be made of. Celeste—as the heroine—was only marginally better. On the very first meet, she fell for a hard body and forgot what her mission was—something an intelligent woman wouldn’t do.

Ms. Phillips is a good writer, but I would like to see her write something with more depth and a plot that’s fleshed out enough not to look as if she’s trying to convince the reader that two people can fall in love after one night of raw and rough sex, which is what happened in Touch of the Demon. Yes, I get it, this is an erotic novel and it’s supposed to be about the sex, but don’t try to convince me love is involved, especially in such a short read. I didn’t buy it and ended up closing the book in mild disgust.

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